Recalled 1 week after lletz

Ok guys i had colposcopy and lletz on 2nd january and was told id get results in 4-6 weeks yet here i an just over a week later and just got a letter asking me to go back and discuss the results.AM i right in thinking this isnt going to be good news.Im terrified here.Got allsorts going through my head and dont know what to think xx

Hi Woo

Sorry you have been recalled so soon, you must be going out of your mind. Please please try and think positively and not assume the worst. They could have loads of reasons for their swift work. Have they given you a date to go in? 

Sending you a huge hug, and chocolate, and wine, and anything else you need x 

Try and stay positive and calm if you can :) sending positive vibes your way.


Thankyou both my appt is for this friday.rang hospital to see if they could shed any light or bring my appointment forward but they said doctor would rather explain face to face and her clinics only run on a friday scared.i just know its going to be bad news.if all was clear ttey wouldnt want me back would they xx

Hi woo82, 

The exact same happened to me. Try to stay calm but also be prepared to be told you may need further treatment LLETZ ect. They are professionals and no matter what you are now being monitored and taken care of. Swift action is best when it comes to abnormalities. It is worth ringing clinic moved my appointment forward a few days when I rang them.

Best of luck


Hi michelle i had the lletz at my colposcopy on the 2nd of january ive rang today and asked for closer appointment but the doctor im under only runs her clinic on friday and they wouldnt say anything on phone just that the doctor would rather explain the results face to face .what was the outcome for you if you dont mind me asking xx

I wouldn't' worry too much that they won't tell you over the phone, I think this is just procedure so try not to think worst possible case scenario, you are not in that place and the worry alone is probably 50 times worse than what they will tell you. (I should take my own advice! its not easy!)

You will be like me analysing every single word that is said or not said! What i am trying to do is take each step and worry in proportion to what i know rather than above and beyond that.

Take care whatever happens we have a fanatastic nhs who deal with these problems everyday. They will treat whatever it is. Just think that you might need another treatment or another test worst case you will be ok :)


8th Dec 2014 Smear High grade/Sever dyskaryosis

22nd Dec 2014 Coloscopy - Nurse explained smear result said possible cc but said she would know more when she looked at me during colospcopy (very anxious times)

 4 punch biopsys and endometrial pipline biopsy -  Told at coloscopy small area, not of major concern from what the nurse could see

30th Dec 2014  call from hospital confirmed CIN 2 on punch biopsy, pipline biopsy clear

20th Jan 2015 booked for Loop LA (hoping for all clear after this) :)

Hi woo82,


Don't worry they don't tell you anything over the phone. I went back to meet with the consultant and was told I may need more LLETZ. I had an MRI yesterday and then the consultant will decide. Try not to worry as jillybean said.

Best of luck


Ok so the exact same thing happened to me in July. I am not gonna tell you that this is all going to be fine and not to worry as that won't change how you feel. I was worried 24/7 for the 6 days until I went back. And yes they had found cancer but it was really early (less than 0.1mm) and 1a1. You can't really get any earlier!! They said they had got it all with first lletz and the margins were clear. They gave me the choice to wait for a smear in a year or to have another lletz to double check. I went for that (obviously!) and it came back clear. I have my 6 month check up on Monday. So yes it was hideous to get the diagnosis but it couldn't have been better for the diagnosis but please keep positive. It sounds and feels like the end of the world but it isn't. That's what smears are for X X x

Im so angry with 32 and this was my first smear.i cant help but feel all those years something could have been many emotions right absolutely terrified.single mum to 3 kids and not sure how to deal with all this.xc

Hi woo try not to be angry you can't go back and change the past just focus on the now. I haven't been for 6 years and i was beating myself up about it. Please try not to worry i know how horrible it is when the worry sets in :-) you did the right thing going for your smear.  Anytime you feel it is getting too much come on here and gather strength maybe even call the jo's helpline? 

Just remember there are lots of people here to support you. There is not one woman on here who doesn’t know how you feel. Keep strong and keep talking xxxx

I'd just like to add here that I do not believe for a single moment that they get all results back within a week, deal with the not-so-good ones quickly and keep the good ones hanging on for 4 - 6 weeks. What would that be, some kind of torture department? No, I think you are getting your results this quickly because the people in the lab managed to catch up with their backlog because a lot of women failed to show up for tests in the run-up to Christmas.

I'm not saying you are definitely up for good news, I would never say that to anybody, but please, let's stop this "bad news fast, good news slow" myth. It isn't helping anybody. The doctor tells you that you may have to wait 4 - 6 weeks for results because the doctor is not fully aware of the size of the backlog in the lab. Because you might have to wait 4 - 6 weeks that is what the doctor tells you and he doesn't want you phoning every day to say "I haven't had my results yet! Where are my results?" So he prepares you for a long wait. You didn't have a long wait, hooray, you're lucky, well done. Does anybody get frightened when somebody answers the telephone quickly?

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to second Tivoli's wise words. Remember floppypoppy got hers in just a week and was absolutely fine :-) it may vary massively from region to region and I am sure they work hard to get the results out, good and not so good, as quickly as humanly possible.

In the meantime I am continuing to drink green juice (not so bad you know) and turbo charging my immune system.

Woo, do not beat yourself up. I didn't follow my smear programme properly either, but could have still ended up exactly here even if I had. Try and have some distractions lined up til Friday, some good books, movies, anything. Am thinking of you and wishing you all the very best x

Thankyou everyone for your support and wise trying not to jump the gun im just overcome with  so many feelings at the a busy day today so will keep me occupied.ill keep updated and hope everyone is well xx

Just wanted today thinking of you and I'm also waiting for results xxx

*to say

Hi Woo,


Please dont be angry with yourself. I have a clear smear at 25. And have been diagnosed now with early CC. My smear wasn't even due! So everyone is different and everyone s body is different. Just be thankful that you went now and are being treated. 

Michelle x

I agree!! My nurse said she will probably have the results after two weeks but that it takes them 4-6 to get letters out. Also, it’s bound to vary around the country. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t all jump to conclusions!


Yes, Sam! Jumping to conclusions doesn't help. While we wait for results (hellish time!) we analyse everything that has been said, try to remember the facial expressions of the nurse, Google, feel weird pains we didn't know we had......all the time trying to work out the exact diagnosis for ourselves. Only the medics can tell us but the waiting is so awful we are constantly looking for clues that will help us jump to some conculsion or other. If only we could just turn our worry-minds off and wait. If only it were that easy! ;)

Kirsty xx