New - Recall after LLETZ - Panicking!


I had my LLETZ procedure done on Weds 5th August. I had originally told they had found CINII and CINIII cells which were to be removed. I was scheduled to receive my results on September 1st by telephone. I have just had a phone call from the hospital to say I need to go back to see consultant on Friday morning They wouldn't tell me why but I said "something has come up in my results hasnt it?". She said "Yes something has shown in your results". So now I am absolutely panic stricken. I try and weigh it up by thinking I have always kept up to date with my smear tests so if it is CC that it must be early stages right?? Still I am worried sick x

Hi Kelly

I am sure one of the ladies who has been in exactly the same position as you will be along in a while and will be much more able to comment than me, but just wanted to say I reckon you're right, it'd be early stages - if not it would have been visible when they were doing the procedure.

There are some ladies on here who have had cancer cells picked up when the LLETZ sample was examined, but they are microscopic. Hence the only way that they are spotted is when the sample is being examined under a microscope in the lab.

Good luck for friday

Yeah happened to me too x