Recalled after LLETZ

Hello All

I found this site after I had an abnormal smear in Aug. Following a punch biopsy I had a LLETZ on 28 Sep. I wasn’t expecting to have to return until the 6 month point, but then on Wednesday this week I was called by the hospital to make an appointment as the nurse wants to talk to me. Appointment is on Mon 9 Nov and the letter confirming the appointment arrived today and it says I can bring a friend or relative if I want - can’t find any of my previous letters but I can’t remember them saying anything about bringing a friend/relative to the appointment.

Trying my hardest not to worry too much, but easier said than done!! Any thoughts on why I have been recalled?


Hi Livie,

i just had a call from the hospital today telling me I need to go in on tuesday, I had LLETZ around the same time as you. They won't tell me anything, all I know is that they were sending off for biopsy after the LLETZ and I had to wait 5-6 weeks for the results. It's been 4 weeks since I had it done. 

No idea what's going on , never been told what grade, if any, CIN I had. I'm totally bricking it at the moment. I asked if I should take anyone with me and she said it's often a good idea? 

Hope you are ok, good luck for Monday x

Hiya, thank you for replying. I never got a CIN grade either and felt too shook up after the LLETZ to ask. Good luck for Tuesday, let me know how you get on. Lx

Will do, make sure you let me know on Monday, I'll be thinking of you xx

good luck lady's. I'm waiting for results and I've also not been told cin xx 



I'm going through the same thing and it's driving me mad. I had my smear on the 12th October and got called in for a lletz on the 21st. They said I'd get the results after 4 weeks. Then yesterday they called me wanting me to go in on Monday. I haven't had a letter or anything. 

I don't know what to think. Can there be any other reason? 

The girl on the phone said she didn't know and I had to see the gynecologist. 

I hope all goes well for you x

Hi ladies, the most likely scenario is that they do not have clear margins after the Lletz and possibly need to do a little more treatment. Clear margins means that they could see healthy cells around the CIN in the Lletz sample. This is VERY common. They will either keep you monitored or do another treatment. 

There is also a very, very small chance that they may have found some early stage cancer cells. This happened to me, but I was called back in much more quickly than you have been. Either way, this is extremely treatable, and in many cases even when they have found early cancer it has already been removed in the Lletz, so don't panic. But do take someone with you to the appointment. Even when I had my Lletz I found this helpful. Stay off google, keep asking questions here and remember we are all here to support you - good luck with results xx

Good Luck today.

thinking of you xx

Thanks Nellie, I managed to convince myself this was the case until I started my period last night (says in my letter they cannot treat if on) called this morning and was told in a sympathetic voice 'you still need to come in love' which has sent me over the edge again! 

Hope all is ok livie, thinking of you today xx

Hi there - they wouldn't do treatment straight away at your next appointment anyway - even if it is just unclear margins.  They would need to let the previous Lletz heal first and they often send your results to an MDT meeting (colleagues discussing treatment options) before they treat as well.  Don't worry that they still want to see you, this doesn't automatically mean it is really terrible xxxx

Hi there - had my appointment this morning and they had found Stage 1A1 in the cells that were removed during the LLETZ. The good news is that it was all removed, but there is still CIN 1 & 2 in the margins so need to have them removed so they are sure all is well. 

They said I can either have it done by local or general aneasthetic, and I am quite confused as to why they have offered me the choice managed to speak to my GP and she can't understand why they have given me a choice either!!

Feelings alternating between shock and relief that the screening process has picked this up at the very early stages - not really concentrating on work today.

I would be grateful for thoughts/advice on GA v LA.



Firstly well done for being brave and going to your appointment and secondly I am so pleased that the screening picked up on the cancer and removed it all for you.. you must be so relieved.

I have CIN3 without clear margins and I have to wait until March for my appointment but they have not offered me an option of GA/LA. Personally from my experience I would opt to be knocked out cold but I think you have to make that call yourself. I have to have a colonoscopy on tuesday next week to screen for colon cancer and I am being put rightunder for that one :-)

I am really happy for you that your LLETZ was so successful. in regards to work..go home.. have a hot chocolate and drop a nice liquer in it.. take in what you have experienced today and take time off to recover from all this if you need too xx 


Very glad it was caught so early for you - just shows how important it is to have smears and to go to these appointments. They have probably offered you a GA or LA in case you were distressed by the first Lletz or the diagnosis. They are being good doctors and giving you the choice is al! Personally I would avoid a GA due to the slightly lengthened recovery time and the fact that my Lletz didn't bother me one bit. I'd rather be in, out, done and dusted. You will need pre-op and recovery time on the ward for GA. Totally personal choice though xxxxx

Good luck tomorrow, let us know how you get on xxx

How did you get on today? Lx

How did you get on Hun? 

Sorry all, tried to reply loads of times but the website kept saying error!

i have stage 1 cervical cancer, had cone biopsy last week, CT scan a few days later and get all my results and treatment plan this Thursday. How's everyone doing?

Oh my it sounds like you have really been through it and have got a hysterectomy to face. Are you doing okay? Lx