Recalled after Lletz...Scared!

Hi there, I got diagnosed with CIN3 about a year ago now but I was in my early stages of pregnancy at the time so only have just had my LLETZ treatment 3 weeks ago, which wasn't painful at all and wish I hadn't worried about it for the last 8 months. My consultant reassured me after my LLETZ that nothing had changed throughout the year and he was confident that he had removed all the affected area, a huge relief! Today I received my results through the post...but they were not what I hoped. It says that the on the affected tissue took away, it reaches the edges so will have to go back to discuss further treatment options. The thing that is bothering/worrying me overall is why has he not booked another LLETZ appointment??! And why just one to discuss options?? Going out of my mind as my appt is 3 weeks away. Has anyone else had the same experience? 

Hi there,

Try not to panic, although easier said than I done I know. It's not unusual for the result from the LLETZ to show that the margins aren't clear. In these situations they usually repeat the treatment in some way to remove all the abnormal areas. If the area may be in an awkward place, they might want to look at doing the treatment under GA - again, not unusual, and for your comfort more than anything. Also there are other treatments that they can use, for example I've had laser because cells were in an awkward place and couldn't be reached with LLETZ. There could be a few reasons why they want to discuss treatment options, it doesn't means it's the worst case scenario.

Waiting for appointments is awful, expecially when your mind is running away with you. Hopefully other ladies will come on who had to go back soon after treatment due to unclear margins. Do take care, try to keep busy, and try to keep your mind on what you know rather than worrying about what might not be. Easier said than done, I totally understand that.

All the best.

Hi, this Thankyou x