Just received a letter :(

I had a colcoscopy and LLETZ on the 17/08 and this morning I have received a letter to discuss the results this friday, im taking it this is not good news from what I have been reading , anyone else had this and it turn out fine, they removed a suspicious lesion at the time of the procedure too 


I didn't want to read and run. There could be many reasons why you are being called back. It could be they didnt get clear margins from the LLETZ. Stay positive. Even if it isnt as good as you hoped for, there is no reason why it can't be treated .Stay positive and keep yourself busy. Feel free to post anytime on this forum. There are plenty of women on here who have the same worries as you.

lots of love and best wishes to you xxx

Thank you for your kind words means a lot x

I had the same. My results were cancer 1a1 but they got it all and I just had 1 year all clear!! You can't not worry it's impossible but if like me you are diagnosed. It was all over there and then and been all clear since x I was very very very lucky I went on time for my smear.

Im so pleased that you are clear, ill just have to pray amd hope friday comes soon, its the wait now thats killing me ..... which is stupid because I wasn't expecting the results for another week or so but I suppose when I saw on my notes that a suspicious lesion was found I immediately thought the worse 

How did appointment go?xx

sorry been offline, was feeling a bit sorry for myself but have pulled myself together, they diagnosed me with CC but thankfully they have caught it early so ive been referred for a full hysterectomy and decide whether i have to have radiotherapy from the hysterectomy biopsy......mri scan booked for wednesday x