Reassurance needed please.

Hi first time posting here. 


I went to colposcopy 2 weeks ago whilst I was there I recieved the lletz procedure as I had a large area of high grade severe changes. I am up to date with smears an my last one in 2014 was normal. 


Anyway they said said they would write with my results and a follow up appointment in 6 months. Yesterday I received a letter asking me to go in next week to see the consultant to discuss my results on 6.12.17.


As you can imagine I'm in a blind panic as I am unable to ring anyone for advice until Monday.


Has anyone had anything similar? Was it bad news if you did?


Thanks in advance x

last week it was same for me as you so I know how awful it is being in limbo! 


got my results Thursday after 6 days receiving Appt. 6 full days of goin mad! My results were the biopsy had cancer but margins were clear, cancer was tiny granule and they are confident they got it all  (cin 3 still present too) 


repeating lletz 6 weeks after 1st let’s then checkups every 6 months for next ten years xx