Just diagnosed today

Where do I start. I never thought I would be doing this. Diagnosed today, scared , devastated. How long do you wait to hear when scans are? What am I about to face and how did you tell people. I think telling my beautiful children will break me


Hi Traceysm, im so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It’s incredibly scary but you will find it within you to fight this, like everyone on here does. The first week after my diagnosis was very raw, unbelievable fear and sorrow, but as your mind starts to accept it it will get easier. Give yourself a few days before you start to think about needing to tell people, do whatever works for you. I was diagnosed 3c, finished treatment end of March and am now waiting for my 6 month PET scan in September to see if it is all gone, so im very much still on this journey. Ive also got young children so can relate. Feel free to DM. Sending much love, strength and light xx

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am luck yI have my first scan booked for tomorrow just waiting on the ct date now. My mind is just all over the place to be honest with you. Xx

So MRI tomorrow then CT scan? You’ll feel so much better once a treatment plan is in place, that I’m sure of. The waiting for the treatment plan is the worst part I think but once it starts you just find the strength and crack on with it. Hopefully in a few short weeks you’ll be started. So you don’t know staging or anything yet? Allow yourself to feel all over the place, every emotion is normal. But there is a whole wealth of support out there and your friends and family will be totally behind you too. I’ve been constantly baffled by the level of support. You’ve got this. Xx

You are so right it’s just the waiting that makes it so hard butt he hospital has been amazing so far.
My head feels better this afternoon so just going day by day for the next week or two xx

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Sounds like a wise plan. Im here if you want to chat x

Thank you. So very kind of you xx

Hi. Did you have a PET scan at 3 months? Was it all clear? Just got mine today for 3a and lymph nodes are clear but cervix still showing some reduced uptake.

Good morning. No I haven’t, MRI today and still waiting int he CT scan date.

Hi @kittycat . I had an MRI at 3 months which showed clear lymph nodes but 1cm left on the cervix (down from 4). So ive now been booked in for a PET at 6 months. The doctors are waiting until then as radiation can keep working for months. There are a number of women on here who had residual tumor left at their 3 month scan and gone at 6 months. Has your doctor given you next steps? Feel free to DM x

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Good luck with your MRI today. Itll be over before you know it xx

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Thank you. Hoping to get to speak to someone re my CT scan while I am there x

Hope it went well today! X

Hi Traceysm.
Its unfortunate you find yourself in this forum,but you are in the right place for good advice and guidence. I know its hard,but try to stay positive. It does seem daunting at the moment,but once you start treatment you will feel beta about things. It is a long hard road,but remember you can do this.
Good luck with your scans and you will be on my prayers xxxx


Thank you, long!! But done and I feel so much better knowing the journey has now started. CT next week which means results will be the following week. So far everyone has been so kind and caring so I am now much more positive for this journey x

Hi iam so sorry to hear this i really feel for you it must be so hard when you have children. I have my 3rd test next February which is very daunting im on waiting list for thermal ablation as im bleeding heavily all the time which really worries me us women have to go through so much. I really hope you’re OK sweetheart and il be thinking of you one step at a time now xx take care x

Thank you for such a lovely reply. I have been ok the last couple of days but now feel sick to the pit of my stomach as it’s tomorrow the kids get told :cry::cry::cry:

Hope it goes ok. There is tonnes online about how best to tell your children. Definitely depends on how old they are, my 5 year old understood much more than my 3 year old. Sending lots of love and strength xx

:joy::joy: my youngest is 30! But we are so close it will hurt them so much :cry::cry:

Theyll be strong for you, everyone rallies with cancer. The strength and support people show is incredible. And as soon as you have your treatment plan im sure your children will be behind you every step of the way. I hope you’re managing to eat and sleep OK, try and keep your strength up, mentally and physically.

I hope telling them went OK as can be. You’re not alone xx