Found out yesterday


This is all a blur to me at the moment. I had a regular smear test 3 weeks ago, the nurse doing it could see a growth so I was booked a colposcopy for tuesday this week (18th) and yesterday I had to go in for results. I guessed something was wrong by how quickly everything was being put through but I didn't expect this. It is cancer but I can't remember what stage (too much info to take in at time). I have an MRI scan booked for next week on the 27th and then I'm going for surgery on the 10th of January to have womb removed, assuming MRI confirms hasn't spread. Emotions keep going up and down, not really sure how to feel.



just wanted to send you a hug and let you know I understand how you will be feeling as I had a similar experience up to diagnosis.  Its a scary and upsetting time but you will come through this.  You need however to ask questions and get as much info as you can when you next speak to someone.  I was staged at 2B but only after my MRI so you will know more then and waiting is the worst part...once I knew all the info, I felt more in control.  I had chemo/radiation and am just coming to the end.  I go into hospital on boxing day evening to be prepared for my last brachytherapy (internal rad) session and then thats it.  You will come through this.  Have you got support from family and friends?  If you want to ask me anything just message me.

Sending lots of love and positive thoughts


Andrea xx


Thank you so much for your reply.

Had my MRI scan today which was a bit daunting. Wont get the results until my pre op appointment 2 days before surgery. Lots of waiting now.

I do have support around me, although I am a single Mum so I seem to be spending quite a bit of my time worrying who will look after them when I'm in hospital!

I hope your last part of treatment is going well.

Wishing you all the best Laughing

Well done for getting through your MRI ok - it is indeed a daunting experience. Best of luck with the next steps and do let us know how you get on.