Diagnosed Today

Evening, so today i was told i have CC, not sure what stage yet as i need to have an MRI in the next 2 weeks.

My mum has taken it fairly badly, im pretty sure she thinks its game over, even though ive reassured her otherwise.

Im just feeling a bit numb/relieved (i guess) im not entirely sure its kicked in yet.

At 25, i didnt think it could ever happen to me, and after putting off my first smear for nearly a year im regretting it now.

The consultant said its likely that i will have to have a trachelectomy, but until the MRI and the group thingy they hold then we dont know the best course of action.


Im also a little gutted im having to have my microdermal piercing removed before the MRI (booo!!)


I'm sorry for your news, I know what it feels like... The fact they have told u the likely course of treatment means it must be early stages, ano as you are young they try not to do a hysterectomy to retain your fertility. The next two weeks whilst you wait for your MRI and the meeting will be pretty intense and you will go through every emotion if you are like me and most of the other ladies who have posted on here. The waiting is the worst bit. Try not to Google, stick to this website and ask people who have been through it any questions along with your specialist nurse (I take it you met her at diagnosis and have her number?).

i wish you all the best. Tell your mum not to worry (like that will happen!) TOO much as it is not game over. Please ask anything that crops up, post at any time day or night and someone will answer. Good luck xxx


Ive been told the next 2 weeks are likely to go very slowly.

The specialist nurse was there when the consultant told me. she seems really nice.
I said to her i had a look on here anyway and shes directed me to the local support group, so ive put a request in there.

Ive told my mum but now she insists on coming over this weekend! Bless her. 

Ill post more as i know and if i have any questions ill ask, seems alot of people who know what they are talking about on here :)

Hi Anna, I'm really sorry to hear your news :( Obviosuly you don't know much at the moment but as Dons said them talking about a Trachelectomy hopefully means it is in the early stages. Even though your family are upset it's really good to know you have a good support system around you. Sending you a big virtual hug!



Hi Anna, how has your weekend been? Hope you have had plenty of support from your family and have got your head around things a bit more :)

Always here if you need to talk.




have been trying to keep busy most of the weekend, to keep my mind off things, which works until i go to bed, then cant sleep.
Probably had about 4 hours sleep since Friday, so im shattered.

Had the phone call about my MRI at 9am, its booked in for 4.15pm on Friday, no food for 6 hours before so im gonna be starving!

My mum was over saturday night for about 5 hours, she asked a few questions, a few i ditn know the answer to (and cant remember now) but shes realised its not the end of the world and ill be ok (thats what im telling myself anyway).

Have told my boss at work, hes speaking to HR about time off for appointments and whatnot, and has been really nice about it.

Had my peircing (mentioned above) cut out on saturday which hurt like hell, had to get it done quick in case the MRI was sooner though.

To top it all off ive got a cold now too, Typical!

Hi Anna, that's good trying to keep busy. I'm sorry you've not had much sleep I hope you're not too exhausted! I'm glad you have your MRI appointment now though at least it's something to focus on. And it's this week as well which is good so hopefully shouldn't be too long for the results. Wow 6 hours without eating you will be hungry! Can you still drink water during the day? Maybe plan something nice to eat on Friday night - go out of you're feeling up to it or get a takeaway. Maybe some wine as well!

It's good that you've spoken to your mum and she is a bit more okay with everything. It must be difficult to answer peoples questions when you don't have all the answers yet yourself. I'm really pleased to hear your boss is being supportive as work is the last thing you need to be worrying about right now hey!

Aww gutted about your microdermal! Where was it? I had 2 in my cleavage for a few years but one rejected and I ended up getting the other one cut out, it's pretty sore isn't it! But needs must and at least it's sorted now. Maybe you can treat yourself to another one when you get the all clear :)



Red bull does wonders for lack of sleep.

I initially had 2 dermals, i caught one of them at a festival in June and had to have it removed as it was rejecting, they were both just under my collar bones, at least ill have matching scars now!

I cant actually drink at the minute as im on Antibiotics for a tooth infection! which is a massive bummer.

I have an appointment with a cancer speciallist at addenbrookes today, feel really sick, cant eat (and i have tried).
Finally read through the MacMillan booklet that was given to me with my diagnosis and the chemo and radiotherapy sections brought me to tears.
Never really knew how much i wanted kids until this. Really scared they are going to say i need a hysterectomy which would put an end to that all together :(

Hi anna, didn’t want to read without replying, I hope it went well for you, I had an unexpected letter to go to clinic this coming monday and already the sicky feelings hit me x

So MRI says it hasnt spread, but its on both Posterior and Anterior walls. So ive got to have surgery.
They gave e 4 options - Do Nothing, Radio and Chemo, Hysterectomy or Trachelectomy. i opted for the latter as then i still have the option to hopefully have kids someday.
Surgery is next week on the 19th (im shocked how quickly this has been booked)