Newly Diagnosed Today

Hello to all you lovely inspirational and brave ladies. I had biopsies taken today after a watery pinkish discharge every day for the last four weeks. At my hospital appointment today I have been diagnosed with a tumour in my cervix with “hugely abnormal cells” but I know no more than this at the moment. I feel that the news is going to be terrible as I am years behind with pap smears and they said the tumour was visible. I also had an internal ultrasound for womb and ovaries and this seemed clear.

It is through reading your posts and advice to each other that gave me the strength to see my doctor initially and I thank you all for that. I have a follow up appointment for next Thursday which may involve further imaging tests. This is my first post and I really would like to feel that there is hope for me too.


Hi Snowbird,

There was a post on the forum just this week from a lovely lady who was seven years post recovery from 4b cervical cancer. She comes back each year to help give people hope that we can all get through this.

Sending you big hugs and love. Try and find activities and friends to help keep you distracted lovely. Time seems to go so slow when we are waiting xx

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Hello sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I was diagnosed on the 1st of October after a tumor was found on my cervix, I like you had no symptoms except a few spots of blood and pain which felt like a water infection, ive been staged at 4 which was a hell of a shock but have been told by the oncologist that they will treat to stop the spread, control and shrink the tumour it’s chemo first for me which starts tomorrow so you see even at a late stage there is still hope there, keep us posted the ladies on here are amazing they have helped me so much xx


Hi sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed in May and started treatment (25 radiotherapy 4 chemi and 3 brachytherapy) for stage 2b in August I am now 10 weeks post treatment.

I was diagnosed by my GP she could visually see a tumour, I was then sent for colposcopy where a biopsy was taken 2 weeks later cancer confirmed.
Then MRI and CT scans were done then pet scan which confirmed stage.

The waiting time between diagnosis, staging and starting treatment is the worst. Once you know what your dealing with you’ll feel much better.

If you have any questions give me a shout.

Take care xx

Hello there, and thank you so much for your reply. I will check out her post and thank goodness for people like you all who give hope to others…Yes the waiting is awful but trying to keep my spirits up. I told my four boys the news yesterday and they were all truly devastated but bless them, they are being strong for me. They are all grown up now as I am 60. Big hugs back to you and thank you again x

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Thank you Dawnann, it’s so comforting to know I’m not alone. I will certainly keep posting about my journey and I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to get your treatment very soon. You sound very positive which is great. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for your reply xx


Thank you so much for your reply AMF. It is just so wonderful to have support from others who know how hard the waiting is. I really appreciate all the replies I’ve had and I’m so glad to have found you all and you help me more than you know. Thanks again and I’m pleased to hear that you have finished your treatment. Well done, it’s a hard road xx

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Hi Snowbird

I was in a similar situation in 2017.

About 10 years behind with smear tests; I had a watery discharge which I ignored for 3-4 months before seeing the doc. Next thing was vaginal bleeding; the doc took one look at my cervix and told me there were clearly visible abnormalities.

Nevertheless it turned out my cancer was lymph node negative, moderately differentiated (grade 2) stage 2A. Not ideal but very cureable.

No two ‘journeys’ are the same but there is definitely hope.


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Hi Jazza. Thank you so much for your reply. I can say that you and all the brave ladies on here are giving me a lifeline of hope to cling to at the moment. So pleased to hear that you are coming through this. Thank you again xx

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Hi I got told on Friday I had cervical cancer waitin on mri scan i just want the scans n to no what stage n get my treatment started I find readin other people’s journeys help me so much I am coping ok at the min deep down I knew I was goin to get the bad news cos off my symptoms n the way I have been feelin I wish this wasn’t happenin to me but there’s nothing I can do apart from fight this all the way n that’s what I intend to do hope u are feelin ok sendin love xx

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Hi Dondon
Sorry about your diagnosis. Am sure the wonderful ladies of this forum will be able to shed some light for you moving forward. May I ask what symptoms you had if you don’t mind telling me ? My sister has been having lower back pain and pelvic pain for a while now together with water discharge but she gets so defensive when we try to get her to be seen she just brush it off and say she is good . Any advice will be appreciated

Thank u I’ve been readin sim off the lady’s story’s n it really helps my symptoms started as pain in me pelvis and a brown unpleasant smelly discharge I went bk n forwards to the doctors said cud have a uti then infection that cud be the reason for the discharge got a smear and was told my cervix was bumpin and didn’t look rite went for biopsy n the doctor checked me ova n said it was bad news deep down I knew already am now waitin for mri n scans to find out wat stage am at the waitin is hell but whatever the out come I am fighting this u really need to encourage her to get checked I did the same put it off even thro I knew things weren’t rite n my family tellin me it’s scarey but I am so gald I went and now we can get the treatment I need please keep in touch xxx

Thanks for taking your time to read and reply . Am sorry again you are dealing with this but I know you got this and all will be well as soon as you start your treatment. I will try to talk to my sister and have a checked before it’s too late.
Thanks and you will be alright I know you got this xxx

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Yeh please try n get your sister to get checked I no she will be scared for the outcome but now I no for sure I feel like a weights lifted off me n thank u I will beat this xxx take care xx

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Hi please try and get your sister to get checked, even if it is late stage there is still a treatment, it may be something simple but she really needs a check up, good luck xx

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Hi Dawn
I will talk to her and try to convince her , I got my other sister who will help talk to her . Thanks for advice . I will update you how it all goes .
How are you doing ? Have you already started your treatment? You are in my thoughts and prayers and I know you got this . Sending you hugs xxx

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Hi started chemo yesterday don’t feel to bad at the moment, hopefully you can get your sister sorted, please keep us all updated, we are all here for you and her xx

Hi Dawn!
Good that you have started your treatment. I will keep you all posted about my sister. Thanks for concern xxx

Hi Jane, I too was recently diagnosed at age of 37 and I’m in currently on my 4th week of treatments. The symptoms you’ve mentioned that your sister is having are all my symptoms prior to diagnosis. I was so scared to go to the doctors that I’ve put it off for so long. Actually 2 years to be exact with my first symptom which was light bleeding during sex. Until the last 5 months before diagnosis where I had the persistent watery discharge, random bleeding, pelvic and lower back pain that I couldn’t take it anymore. This is what I regret the most. I really thought I would be terminal cuz of my symptoms but ended up being diagnosed w stage 3b cuz my left ureter is partially blocked by the tumor. Please encourage your sister to get check and don’t make the same mistake like I did. There’s a big chance that it is not cancer and can easily be fixed as there could be other reasons for these symptoms but it’ll bring her peace of mind and yours too. IF EVER it is cervical cancer as the other wonderful ladies here said there are a lot of highly effective treatments now and even late stage are being treated to cure. Sending lots of love.xx

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I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I admire your positive attitude and seems like you’re ready to beat this thing. I wasn’t as positive as you are and I’m now on my 4th week of my treatments and being positive really helps especially dealing w the side effects. Just wanna send you some love and support and to know you’re not alone in this fight. We will all get through this.xx