Finally have results after 6 weeks!

6 weeks to the day since my LLETZ.

Countless phone calls chasing them up and all that worry and stress.

The hospital called me this morning to tell me the LLETZ had CIN2&3 cells and that they believe they got them all.

I have a follow up appointment for February.


Finally!  That's great news on the results too!

Now to relax.

Definitely time to relax! 

Hopefully it won't be long until you get your results now! x

That’s excellent news! I wish we all didn’t have to wait so long :( I’ve been waiting 4 1/2 weeks. I’ve never been so obsessed with the post man until all this started! Xx

Hey - well done! I bet you are relieved. 

6 weeks is ridiculous though


Congratulations on your results!!! 

You must be so relieved xxx

Thank you ladies. Yes very relieved and glad its over for now. Husband says that I will be worrying about February now haha hes probably right as well. 

I hope you hear back soon Rachel! Have you tried chasing them up? It seems there are a few ladies waiting longer than expected at the moment. 


No I haven’t in ways I don’t want to ring up and face it, if that makes sense. Prior to the colposcopy and for about a week after I was really struggling with my anxiety and to function. The last few weeks I’ve ‘almost’ forgotten about it. Everyone gives you the whole no news is good news line but I know from this forum that’s not always true. I’m not expecting anything overly sinister but it’s just like living In limbo isn’t it. It’s my birthday on Saturday so don’t want that as a present ! 

P.S I’ll defo be worrying about the next check up too! 

Woohoo!! Great news lovely, I’m so very pleased your wait is over. Now breathe and relax. 

Massive hugs and tonnes of love xxx

Thank you everyone!

Rachel, I totally get the living in limbo bit. I hated that everyone was telling me no news is good news because you just don't know that! It really frustrated me. I hope you have a super amazing birthday and get good news soon! My birthday was a few weeks ago while I was waiting for results too and to be honest, i couldn't enjoy it much, but its good you say you have 'almost' forgotten about it so i hope you have a good birthday. lots of love and luck xxx

Hey ladies - youll all be sick of me soon :) But hoping I could get your words of wisdom here. I was wondering if the wording here is standard?

I got my letter confirming my LLETZ results and it says:

"CIN2&3, these are precancerous and should have been removed with your treatment."

Then an appointment for a follow up smear in February.

SHOULD HAVE been removed??? I was expecting it to say they were successfully removed or clear margins etc. 'Should have' kind of implies that they didn't really check doesn't it?

Or am I just reading too much into it?

I hate to moan and do feel incredibly lucky knowing what could have been, but this whole thing has just made me a nervous wreck. Sorry xxx

My letter was worded very unclearly too.

I rang the gynae dept and must have timed it just right (4.30pm) as the secretary was able to put my gynaecologist on the phone to talk to me. He apologised for badly worded letters,  reassured me that margins were clear and generally put my mind at rest. (Or as at rest as it’s going to get before my test of cure which is a month before yours!)

Give them a ring. They must be used to hearing from you by now! laughing 


Thanks for replying Julia. I'm sick of hearing myself so goodness know how you ladies and that poor secretary must be feeling haha.

I was thinking I might give them a quick ring, just for peace of mind, but didn't want to seem like a lunatic. xx

Give them a call and put your mind at rest, you’re not a lunatic.....if you are we all are lol!

I’m sure they’d rather you called they put your mind at rest rather than you worrying.


I think all NHS letters are poorly worded and quite vague. Although they probably say ‘should’ to cover themselves. I suppose they can only go off what they have/see at the time and if it comes back (god forbid) they can cover themselves. It’s the world we live in. 

Its hard not to pick everything apart. I was like this at colposcopy with the consultant. When he said ‘it’s not cancer’ I said ‘are you just saying it’ I bet he thought I was crazy but I had to make sure haha !!

try and relax xx


My results came today!  CiN 3 but they got them all on the day so a repeat colonoscopy in March. 

I can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy my weekend and getting back to normal.

Hey, thats such amazing news! So pleased for you, you must feel so relieved. Your colposcopy is a month after mine! Fingers crossed thats the last of it for us both!


Ive decided not to call the hospital again - I figured that they have booked my follow up in six months, which can only be a good sign right? So Im telling myself to trust them on that haha. If they didn't think they got it all, then they would have me back much sooner wouldn't they.


Thanks for everyones advice. Youre all amazing xxx

Theud have you back really quick if they thought they hadn't got it all.  A 6 month check up shows they're happy that they got it all.  X

I like you @roodlechoodle have now been waiting 5 1/2 weeks for my results it’s driving me insane!!

Oh Rachel thats awful, how stressful for you!! Have you been in touch with your hospital and chased things up? They may have them back but just waiting on the Dr to go over them - It was like this for a week for me, and the receptionist said she would call me as soon as she can, before the letter gets sent out. xx