At last some good news!

So back in November when I had my first smear I was told within a week I had severe abnormal cells! On 12th December I was sent for a colposcopy where two biopsies were done! I felt lower than I ever had done and literally let this ruin my Xmas with how worried I was! I couldn't understand why this was happening to me!

On New Year's Eve I got my results-cin3! I was booked in for lletz treatment on 6th February! I didn't have the greatest experience with this- four local anesthetics and I still felt the treatment so needed a fifth! After this tho I didn't feel a thing! The actual treatment is really painless and over very quickly! I was very lucky to have an amazing doctor and nurse who were supportive and informative and made the experience as good as possible! Today I received my results- coming home from work and seeing a letter from the hospital just a week after treatment terrified me to the point I didn't even want to open the letter... But it was good news.. All cells successfully removed! I had a little cry and was so happy I thought I would burst! My hubby was also over the moon it has been a great valentines present! I have spent the evening out with my girl friends (hubby was working tonight :) ) and after a few champagnes to celebrate I'm so happy I can wake up tomorrow feeling healthy and ready to get on with life! 
I hope anyone reading this can take some of my experience and know that whatever the situation you will be okay! Remember...something you can't control isn't worth worrying about- your in good hands and will be looked after just as I have! Stay strong, be positive and you'll end up just where you want to be! <3 xxx

Congratulations. Glad everything turned out so well for you.

Best of luck with recovery from the LLETZ. It can be a bit grim, but it will pass before you know it.

All the best, x

Aw love that is BRILLIANT news :) SO pleased for you :) x x x x x x

Thanks girls- i am really happy that this chapter is over for now. there is always that fear that at the follow up smear it may return but ill be ready and waiting for it if it does!!!

i spoke to my nurse this morning who advised i had close margins but that they were satisfied that when they sealed the area at the end of the treatment it would have got anything that remained- she did also mention something about HPV changes- not quite sure what she meant as i had to cut the call short (was at work) so may give them a call back monday to clarify!

what i do know is that for now they are happy its all gone which im happy with! thanks for the kind replies xxxxx

Yayyy!!! :slight_smile: x x x x