Lletz results

So I couldn't bear to go pinto the weekend and still not know my results so have just rung the clinic to speak to my colposcopy nurse. She wasn't available and the lady I spoke to on the phone said she couldn't tell me and she would get her to call me back. I immediately I panicked thinking it must be bad news if she couldn't tell me.... Anyway after about 20 mins she called me back and had good news. no more treatment required until 3 months post delivery. feel like a big weight has been lifted off me and hopefully now I can start to enjoy my pregnancy! :) 

This is fantastic news!! I'm so happy for you hun. How long has it been since your lletz? I might try phoning sooner than the 6 weeks too if you were able to find this info out. Congrats again on the news.

I had it done on the 26th so ten days. I do know that my results were fast tracked though because of my pregnancy so that may be why it was quick, even though those ten days have been the longest ever!xx fingers crossed you get good news too x