Results off lletz

Hiya ladies :) the results off my Lletz are back in however the consultant is on holiday and due back some point this week

so he needs to write a letter before I know what they are however I know (I think) that if anything more serious was discovered I would of been told on the phone today to come in surely 

so happy that this whole waiting game is nearly over and done with! Xxx

Hey Nicola, I was told the consultant gets the results back from the lab within 10 days, then it's a matter of him/her looking over the results and concluding. I'm still waiting on mine to come from the 27th march (lletz). Hopefully wont be too long now but it's daft how they had the results within 10 days yet takes over 4 weeks for us to get them :( like u say though its a good sign In one way that we haven't had the results sooner as we know what they mean :( I just want to know that my margins were clear and that I don't need any more treatment so then I can plan things. I want to do the race for life in begining of June but can't sign up until I know. Good luck for ur results Hun xxx

Hiya I called the clinic on thirsday and they didint have them (I would of got the same response as I did today if they had)

so they've must of just got them may be different clinics work differently? 

i hope iv got clear margins I just keep thinking it can't be no worse then maybe needing another Lletz that's worst case scenario now. 


Good of luck with your results hope you hear back soon xx

That sounds positive Nicola! Fingers crossed for your clear margins.

The waiting game is horrible, I have had two sales calls to my mobile today and  I nearly jumped out of my skin both times! My biopsy was only on Thurs, think i may have a long couple of weeks! I'm sure yours will be back soon too Gem, i definately think no news is good news xx



Yh I think most clinics work differently to be honest. Shouldn't be too long now before we all know for sure and then we can forget it all for another 6 months :) Thanks to both of you your wishing well :) and princess the waiting really is like torture, and I think I made the mistake of really counting the days, it was always at the front of my mind, I checked this site more than I checked my social media sites, sounds daft but it really took over me, didnt want to socialise, nothing. So please if you at the stage of just having ur colposcopy then there will be a long wait now, please don't do what I did and let it take over you. Sounds like I'm being funny there but I wish I handled it differently that's all as its all totally out of our control. Wishing you both the best news xxx

I'm with Gem on this one, from getting my smear results back up until getting my colposcopy then waiting for my biopsy results

i literally turned in to a walking zombie! I wouldn't speak to anyone my poor husband got it in the neck all the time people were walking on egg shells around me!

then after I had the Lletz done i don't know what changed but in my head I just thought iv had it done now if I get diagnosed I can't change it what will be will be soundds rather grim

but I mean it in the most positive way the waiting will drive you crazy if you let it xxx

Thanks both, I do understand what you are saying. Its hard though isnt it, I dont feel like I can see past next week. We are supposed to be going on holiday 5th May, and I don't want to believe we can go. I had been counting down to try for a baby in May too, feel like everything has been put on hold.

I wish they had done a Lletz at my colposcopy, then it would be out of me. I forgot to ask why they didn't.

It was easier on the weekend, I was busy with family & my little boy but now i'm back at work I have too easy access to our old friend Google! I do feel better than I did last week, and I will take what you are both saying on board. Got to try and carry on and be positive! If you let it take over your life its already winning xxx 

Hey I'm new to this forum but this post really is close to my situation. I had colposcopy and lletz treatmenot 3 weeks and a day a go and I'm sure my post man thinks I'm crazy! If anyone is at home I'm constantly texting to find out if the post has been! Crazy how these things completely overtake your lives. But at the same time completely understandable. 

 I hope you girls hear something soon, fingers are firmly crossed for all of us :-) 


Im still waiting lol! Feels like a lifetime ago I had the Lletz I'm back to normal now, 

hopefully we will hear something soon and let it be the last We have to go through this xx

Hey girlies, I rang today to see if the clinic could tell me if the results are back, she started telling me how my doctor had been away and he only got back yesterday, then she looked and said a letter has been sent so il get it in the next day or so :) I'm happy just knowing its actually in the post... Beware postman lol xxx

That's great Gem! And we all know...letters are good! Hopefully will come in Saturday post! Let us knowXxx

Yes I hope it does come tomorrow, and if not then I guess it's another drive home on my lunch hour on Monday just to check. Il definitely let you all know :) xxx