LLETZ results... still waiting...

6 weeks today since my LLETZ treatment and I'm still waiting for the results :( I've phoned this morning and spoken to yet another receptionist who just dismisses me and says it can take up to 8 weeks. I don't feel as though anyone is actually taking the time to ask the consultant if the results are back. Just feel like I get fobbed off with a robotic response.

I have an extension for the nurse colposcopist who actually did my treatment. Does anyone think it's worth ringing her directly to ask? She's the one who wrote my results letters when I had biopsies.


Laura xx

My persistence paid off! Spoke to nurse colposcopist who investigated and called me back an hour ago... 

The results of my LLETZ actually only showed CIN1 - downgraded from the biopsy which showed CIN2. It's all been removed with clear margins so just got to wait for my 6 month test of cure now. I'm so relieved and so grateful for this site which has got me through a really tough time. Rest assured I will still be around to support all you other lovely ladies with your own journeys.

Much love,

Laura xx