Results at last!!

Hiya ladies i just wanted to let you all know i have finially got my results after exactly 6 weeks...i called the hospital and they still wernt back so they phoned the lab and were told they were tested but waiting to be written up, the secratary kindly asked them to be put to the top of the list and within an hour i was called with my results and told over the phone.

At my coposcopy it was suspected CIN3 and a lletz was perfromed there and then, However the results have shown CIN1!! they have said it wasnt all removed but as its such a low grade there is nothing to worry about and i just need a check up in 6 months which they are certain will come back normal! 

I am sooo releaved!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me and answered all of my questions, and to the ladies that shared there experiances which made what i was going through that little bit more bareable and easier to understand. 

I hope you all get the results and support you all need too. I will definately still check in to the forum and give my help back where i can, however i probably wont be refreshing the page every 5 minutes like i have been for the last couple of months lol!

That's brilliant news!!  Yay,  go live life to the full.  Xx

Kandicrash that really is absolutely great news, delighted for you! Amazing how results can differ xxx

Brill news, you can relax now. Xxx

Great to hear! 

Be happy.

Hopefully I'm in your position in a few weeks time, but also hoping I don't have to wait 6 weeks! I'm only 1 week and 1 day down! (Counting hours and seconds too)

Kelly. X