All clear!

I recieved my letter confirming results of my Biopsy today.
Confirmed cin3, no cancer yay! And all of the area removed.
Follow up smear in 6 months!
I was adamant it was bad news as everyone said bad news normally comes within 2 weeks, well mines been less then 2 weeks and have got great news!
Good luck to everyone still waiting!
I would celebrate tonight but I’m now on antibiotics due to an infection! Celebrations will have to wait til next weekend!

Fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you. Hope the infection clears up soon.


Whoooo hoooo fann tastic news

Get well soon xx

So happy for you- you can breathe now- I know you were an anxious one like me! 

so happy for you xxx 

Woohoo!! Thats fab news and SUPER quick.

I had lletz on 13th and still no results :-/

That is fabulous news!  Well done you!

Now missy, promise us that you will not miss your follow up appointment and that you drag every last one of your friends to have their smears!

Good luck1

t x

Great news! Big hugs and sighs of relief for you x

That's great news!!!!! X X X 

That's great news xxxx