Results finally!!!!

Hi ladies :)

quick update I have finally recieved my biopsy results today after an agonising wait of almost 4 weeks!!!....they show cin2 so need to go and have lletz treatment....I really expected a cin1 result as I was only ment to have borderline changes by my smear test! i feel relieved now I have them although it's not the news I expected it could have been worse and I'm going to get it treated! 

 I just want to say a massive thankyou to all you lovely ladies who have helped me and gave me advice I have checked this forum religiously since October and really appreciate your kind words....this forum has been a life saver to me....thankyou all so much :)

mel xx

Hey Mel

Glad you finally got your results and feel reassured. LLETZ is not too bad and at least you will know you are rid of the nasty cells and don't have to worry any more.

Keep us posted when you have had your treatment


Hi Mel

That really is great news, and you sound so upbeat about the LLETZ, keep it up, it will help you a lot!

Book a day or two off work and relax afterwards. It might be be essential but it sure is nice to treat your body well.

Bestof luck xxx

Thankyou Suzysooz I'm not looking forward to it but it needs to be it possible for the punch biopsys to have removed the cin2 do you know? When I had my colposcopy my consultant told me that it was a tiny area and she thinks she had got it all with just the punch biopsy so confused as to what will happen if that's the case? xx

Thankyou jjcarnage it's just a relief to have the results back and know what's going on....the waiting is just awful isn't it and i must admit I'm partial to a bit of googling! So managed to convince myself I had something really bad (silly I know) xx


Yes I think that is entirely possible. I expect they will want to LLETZ though, just to make sure they got every last bit. I am 4 weeks tomorrow and feel back to normal now. The procedure is also very quick and efficient and will be over with in no time