Good news

Hi ladies, I got my biopsy results today which was took on the 23rd of April. It was CIN3 which was all cleared at time of biopsy. I'm so relieved so just a little positive post not all bad smears have the worst outcome. My smear results were high grade severe dyskaryosis and HPV positive, I'm so grateful and wish all you lovely ladies the best of luck xxxxxx

Really happy for you.

Such quick results too. Currently on edge every second waiting for mine. Had mine the 28th, forgot to ask how long my results would be.  

This is brilliant so pleased for you! Really good news. I'm hoping mine won't be too long I also had a lltez on the 28th xxx

I know the waiting is torture I'm an anxious person as it is and this sent me over the edge... at least that's it now for 6 month and I can relax. I wish you ladies speedy results and good ones at that xx 

So happy for you! smile glad it all went well xX