Some good news :)

Hi guys

Well i finally got my results on Friday afternoon and my letter says that the abnormal changes were CIN3 but that the loop biopsy had been a success and that the cells were probably all gone but need to go back in April next year to make sure they have not returned. I am so pleased with this result as I really did fear the worse, as Im sure everyone does in that position. My letter didnt mention clear margins or anything but did say that they were extremely satisfied with the result, so Im assuming that means clear margins. Has everyone elses results that have been a success mentioned margins? Also I would like 2 thank everyone who has replied to my posts and given me advice, i am truely grateful :) This site has been amazing and reading others similar experiences really comforted me,

Much love everyone 


So happy for you. Xxi

i got my results cin1 so just need a smear in 6 months. I'm so happy 

Ahhhh thats great news Ali, so happy for you too! Take care me love xxx