Good news!

Dear all, 

just wanted to post a positive update on my story, as im sure a lot of people like me googled and searched for positive outcomes in the darkest of times. Just received the results of my 6 month follow up colposcopy and smear and received normal results with no evidence of hpv (after lletz treatment for possible cgin cells, but diagnosed in biopsy as cin 1, 2 and 3). Feeling numb but I'm hoping will soon sink in :) 

Best of luck to all the ladies on here you are amazing and without you all I would have felt so alone! Now to do something positive and register to be trained on the phonelines to support others. 

Caroline x 

Brilliant news! So pleased for you and thanks for sharing xxx

Great news and thanks for posting. I am earlier on in the journey than you (CIN2 with LLETZ to come after my summer holiday) and I think my biggest fear is that they won't get it all, or the cells will come back, and I will be in and out of colposcopy for years then facing surgery when they run out of cervix to remove. Probably overreacting (no, definitely overreacting!) but I do need reminding sometimes that for 95% of women, apparently the LLETZ will sort it out and the HPV will get beaten down by the body's own defences.

I guess what I am trying to say is that people don't always post the happy endings, so it's good for all of us to be reminded that this can be, and often is, the outcome!

x x