Got my results today.... good news! :)

Hi - just wanted to say how relived i am, i got my results from my colposcopy today. The Cells they had removed were confirmed as CIN3 but not cancer, i have to go back for a smear n 6 months time! I am so relieved as really have been worrying, was even crying in bed last night. Thank you to everyone for your support this site has been a wealth of information and kindness! Got my fingers and toes crossed for all you ladies. 
Thank you again xx

So pleased for you Hun xxxx

Fantastic news. How long did it take to get your results? I am in waiting hell. Had a colposcopy yesterday and ring biopsy. So worriEd. The doctor told me there and then I hard high grade cells which she had removed. Just waiting for results in case it has spread And turned into you know what! Sorry to hijack your post. I am so pleased for you, you must feel elated. Get your life back to normal now xxxxx

That's great news. Did you wait long for your results? x

Thanks everyone, really been worried.
Hi Helen00, I was told 1-4 weeks and it has been just under 2 weeks so I think i have been really lucky to get them back so quick. I too was really worried, I have cried myself to sleep some nights, I think it is only natural to worry. This was my first smear and i was so shocked for it to come back with severe changes. Just glad they have got all those nasty cells out. Glad I am in the system now though, more regular smears! 
Dont worry about worrying it is only natural. Please let me know how you get on. Try and keep busy to keep your mind of the wait xxx

Great news!