CIN3 with CC symptoms

Hi all, I am brand new to this forum, but have been reading on it for the last several weeks. I live in the US, but all the information has been so helpful that I decided to post my own worries. I received a CIN3 diagnosis after a recent colposcopy and the nurse told me they were trying to schedule my LEEP procedure for 3 Jun but I have yet to hear back about an appointment. I’m going crazy with worry because I was late for my last pap after receiving a slightly abnormal pap (ASCUS) result in Aug 14 during my prenatal screen. I finally scheduled this pap due to having lower back, abdominal and vaginal pain along with constant watery discharge that is often bloody. When the nurse called she told me that I have CIN3 which could possibly be cancer. I just don’t understand why she mentioned cancer if that’s not what it is. I just keep hearing the word cancer over and over again in my head. I was just wondering if any of you have had similar symptoms or experiences that might give insight into my symptoms. And I was wondering that if cancer is in an advanced stage, would they be able to tell from a colposcopy? Any and all feedback is welcomed. Thank you!

Hiya - well Ive got CIN3 which isnt cancer its pre cancerous cells that if not removed over time could turn into cancer. I dont have the same symptoms as you but I did have bleeding/ pain during/after intercourse for a while a few years back now... which has now stopped (not due to me having treatment) white patches were found on my cervicx so I was referred to Colposcopy for loop excision then told cells were CIN3. Still waiting to go back for "further managment" whatever that means...!! But staying as positive as I can. I constantly ring the hospital so chase them for an appointment & sometimes if you ring everyday they may well have cancelations. Ive been told its a very slow progression cancer... can take many many years... Ive heard 10-15 years!! In my letter after my first biopsy they said no evidence of cancer but CIN3 cells so to come in for loop excision. Get an appointment as soon as you can to put your mind at ease. The waiting game is the worst!! They need to do Colpscopy to look closer at the area & they took lots of biopsys from me which is a good thing! Good luck xx sorry I cant answer all questions but I do sympathise how worrying it is but this site is brilliant for support. Xx

ChloeSimone thank you for the response.  I See you had a loop done, how was your recovery from that? I did have a colposcopy and from what I know the dr only took one biopsy. He made it seem like everything looked ok and then it came back as CIN3 and now I'm waiting to have a LEEP done. I guess I'm just confused that he thought it looked ok and then the nurse told me it could mean cancer :( along with my symptoms I'm now very scared that it is some progressive cancer. I'm trying my hardest not to lose my wits and remain positive. 

Recovery was fine for me - had it done 3 weeks ago now slight bleeding for a few days to a week, discharge & tummy cramps for a while. It was uncomfortable but bareable. Local anesetic I didnt even feel. It was all over very quickly. Same with my doctor just said HPV changes, then letter said I needed to come in for loop excision - CIN3 cells & after that was done she said ill send you a letter with results & go to your docs for a smear in 6 months. Letters comes through door - now I have to go back for "further managment" in 11 days!! So im hoping that I just need more treatment... but my minds been in overdrive!! The waiting is horrible so I totally understand. Theyre so vague & barely explain anything. Most women dont need more treatment - I was told 1 loop is usually enough... but not always. But yes same as you Im thinking the worst. I dont think they quite understand how we feel??!! When do you go in for your treatment? Xx

I understand why you're mind is in overdrive, I was told the same thing that they typically only need to do this once. But, I'm still having spotting after the colposcopy that was done over a week ago, so now I'm concerned about that and what it will mean for me to get the LEEP procedure done. I'm supposed to go for treatment on 3 June but I'm going on holiday on 7 June so I'm not sure if they will want to go ahead and do it or wait until I get back. It is a holiday weekend here in the US so I have to wait until Tuesday to call the clinic and see if my appointment has been scheduled. Im thinking of you and hope that your next visit goes well and maybe it is to just remove any remaining cells they might have missed. Please post an update when you know more! Sending positive thoughts your way!

I think bleeding/discharge can go on for up to a month thats why I was told not to have sex fo that amount of time in case of infection. Ive heard lots of ladies on here who say theyve had bleeding/discharge for longer. Im not honestly sure about holidays but I would call up & ask them? They may want you to have it done after your holiday. Hope you enjoy your holiday! Thanks will keep you posted... me too!! Xx

Hi girls I'm due in for "lletz or cold coagulation" (that's what the letter says, on Wednesday morning.

Like you both I had abnormal smear,  went for colposcopy where they did a punch biopsy and lletz diagnostic biopsy (that's what the nurse said) anyway,  results were CIN 3 and I got those results by ringing them cos the letter hadn't arrived after 6weeks! Anyway she had me booked in for June 1 and the apt letter arrived 16 May I think it was. 

I'm worried too, partly about how uncomfortable it was last time and partly that it's serious.  I've had bad pain during sex for years now and no one had listened to me. In recent mths I had spotting between periods and a dodgy smelling discharge once a mth at the same time too. 

Oddly since lletz biopsy I had last time it was easier to have sex afterwards (once the 5week wait was up) almost as if what was hurting was taken away if that makes sense?  I wonder did anyone else notice this?  I wonder should that make me worried though too 

Hi, Jaqui 

i have to say I was also worried about sex afterwards hperverse I also thought that it was more comfortable after the LLETZ procedure.

I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow and let me know how you are.

i also have an appointment regarding further treatment options a LLETZ if feasible that's what the letter says. And monitoring for 10 years. However I do not know if they removed the cin2&3 or the CGIN or which wasn't successful. As the letter did not say. 

I have also been in the phone ringing them as  I was unsure of what the results were as they were also discussed at a MDT meeting. 

Big hugs X 


Kerry great to hear from you I've come to feel like you're my colposcopy twin on here lol. 

Did they give you any idea when you might be going in for treatment?  

Yeah really nervous about tomorrow's procedure. It was so uncomfortable last time and took longer than 10 minutes.  I was up with mother regions in the air for a good half hour easily and I honestly felt it was like when you have a baby and the baby is crowning.  That would prob be a combo of the speculum in for so long and them fiddling around in there.  Oh the thoughts of it. I'm dreading it. 

Il be taking plenty of tramadol and xanax before I go Lol


Hugs to all xx


I haven't had the LLETZ procedure done yet, but from what I have read, it seems many women get rid of the sex pains after having treatment. Maybe that is also the case with you. Hopefully your colposcopy goes ok and you get the all clear. Keep us posted!

Did anyone on here have an abnormal period following their biopsy? I have an irregular cycle so Im never sure when its going to come on, but after the spotting from my biopsy stopped for a couple days I have had bright red blood (sorry tmi) mixed with a lot of mucus. Did anyone else have this problem? I wonder if I should ring the clinic today and ask if this is normal. It has been 10 days since the biopsy. 

Good luck to all xx. 


hey Jacqui I do feel like we at on the journey together.

I grtvthe impression that they might do the treatment there and then at the appointment as that is what happens last time, I'm hoping to get a cancellation as my scheduled date is the 14 th June.

i just wish I knew if it was the CIN that had not been removed or the CGIN as I know that can be more difficult to detect but not to treat.

i am also having discomfort in my right groin but that was also before any of the treatment so don't know if that is linked or whether in just  cinvincinh myself that it is.

hey my2 girls, if you are worried I would ring up euth any questions you have as the staff and nurses have been fab.

jacqui please let me know how you get on I am also a little nervous as I th k it's because I know what to expect this time round as last time it was all just a whirlwind. I'm sure you will be fine and make sure you tell them how you are feeling.

big hugs 

Kerry xxx 


Hi my2girls. My period was 4 wks late after the biopsy and loop diagnostic. 

It really freaked me out.  I'd no bleeding to even consider it to be period it was all the brown and black spotting and grittiness for about ten days then no more.

Thanks for the info regarding sex pain being improved post lletz.  where did you read that and did it say why it would be improved? 

Kerry, I did nothing today but sleep because I'm so nervous about tomorrow. Beautiful weather and I didn't want to be out at all. It was all a whirlwind for me last time too as I wasn't expecting the treatment either.. I will be in at 11am in the morning so I will be back tomorrow afternoon to update on the horrrrooooooooor lol

Same for me - sex was better after the Lletz! Lets hope its good news!!

They wont tell me anything over the phone its so frustrating! All receptionist said was Im not medical trained... fair enough but then she said they were just told to put in an urgent app... errr thanks for now worrying me!! So youve had the lletz & biopsy so whats your next treatment? Xx


eidhing you all the best jac and yes maybe take something to relax you and ease the discomfort. I know the feeling of having to go through it again but let's be positive and hopefully this will be the final time gor both of us.

Hey chloe i know how you feel about only been given part of the information I also had a letter about further management then it was being discussed st the MDT meeting the waiting is the hardest but try and stay positive this site has given me so much support 

Kerry big hugs xx

Thanks Jacqui and Snowflowerkerry, I did call the nurse and she seems to think it's a period, but it is a bit unusual so I'm just trying to stay calm and not think its something related to the abnormal cells.

Good luck Jacqui, I hope it isn't too eventful, keep us posted. 

Chloe, that is so frustrating!! I hope you get an answer soon! 



Girls I was in and out in no time!  

The lletz done the last time got rid of all CIN3 abnormal tissue and i had perfectly clear margins in today's colposcopy so no need for further treatment.  I was so relieved.  I was in and out in 5mins.  Dyes put on and a perfectly clear and healed cervix. 

Follow up smear in September. 

Soooooooooooooooooo received!!  I am having drink later! I need it Lol! 

Hey, jacqui

th is fantastic news I am so pleased for you, I can imsgine how nervous you were this morning? But what it does show is there is poditive outcomes for us on this journey and the support for each  other.

I am hoping to get something similar when I go for the meeting fingers crossed. Plus st least now you will be monitored closley from now on in regar to smears and colposcopy visits which I think is a good thing

big big hugs so chuffed for you 

Kerry xc

Hey, jacqui

th is fantastic news I am so pleased for you, I can imsgine how nervous you were this morning? But what it does show is there is poditive outcomes for us on this journey and the support for each  other.

I am hoping to get something similar when I go for the meeting fingers crossed. Plus st least now you will be monitored closley from now on in regar to smears and colposcopy visits which I think is a good thing

big big hugs so chuffed for you 

Kerry xc

Jacqui, such good news, I'm sure you're so relieved. Have yourself that drink, you deserve it! Thanks for keeping us posted. My LEEP was rescheduled due to my period coming on, so here's to an even longer, drawn out wait :|.  

Hi my2girls

it is fab newscregsrding jacqui the positive stories do m you reflect on that it is treatable and we are all in the right place. I am sorry you have to wait now for the treatment I am also scheduled my appointment for the 14 June. Do trying to keep busy. 

 big hugs