CIN3 diagnosed symptoms worsening


After having troubles with excessive discharge and abnormal bleeding (spotting) I had an abnormal PAP showing ASC-H. My colposcopy results came back with CIN3. LEEP is scheduled for October 30. . My doctor told me that I have the CIN3 on the surface of my cervix as well as inside. She said that they will send samples from the LEEP to pathology to be sure there is no CC hiding any deeper as she isn't ruling it out. She also told me that regardless of the result I will need to have my cervix removed. They just want to know for sure there is no CC because the removal process will be different if CC is present. 

I had a supracervical hysterectomy 6 years ago due to large fibroids. That's when they leave the cervix and the ovaries. Has anyone else out there had this situation?

Also, my symptoms seem to be getting worse by the day. I'm having more of the watery discharge than ever before and some days it's quite pink with blood. It's really troublesome when you are bleeding and you know it's your cervix because my uterus is gone.  I have also been having terrible cramping and hip pain the past few days.

I guess my question for this group is have any of you had a CIN3 result then have a LEEP or LLETZ result come back as CC? I'm very worried because everything I have read says CIN3 has almost zero symptoms. Did anyone have symptoms with CIN3? The only thing that matches my symptoms is stupid cancer. The pain I'm having is new within the past week.

I just want to know if anyone else has had a similar situation. The waiting game with this process is excruciating. I'm so glad this group exists to let people like us talk it out.

Any advice is welcome and appreciated. 

Hi there,

Sorry I don't really have any advise. I had similar experience but the other way round. My smear picked up server changes and was sent to colposcopy. She don't the lletz treatment and booked me in to go and get my results within two weeks. She phoned me as my results came back early and wasn't what she was expecting, it came back as CIN3. She said my case would have to go to a MDT meeting because the results from my smear were different to the lletz! I have no idea what the smear picked up and never asked, all I heard was CIN3 with clear margins and zoned out as I was so relieved. I've been waiting for the letter about the MDT meeting which I've only just received this morning. It says they haven't had a chance to discuss my case and that when she done the lletz the took 14mm deep!?! I will be phoning first thing Monday to find out why it hasn't been discussed.

I've got my fingers crossed for you and sending you hugs. I totally know what you are going through x

Hello Hazelnut,

I hope that you called and got some answers. Clear margins sounds like a good thing! 

Be well and thanks for the support :)