Hi everyone

i have just had my results from my recent smear that said I have HPV positive and CIN3. I'm terrified now that I have cancer and stupidly already crying thinking I won't see my kids grow up! My questions are, is CIN3 cancer? If it is cancer is it treatable or are the chances if me going for my colposcopy and them saying there is nothing can be done high? Sorry fir sounding over the top but I am scared stiff. 

My history is colposcopy done in 2010 after having mild changes on a smear was supposed to go back in 2011 but was pregnant stupidly put it off after that and ended up pregnant again baby born aug 14 and these are my recent results now. I don't have any bleeding between periods ( had one episode but only after having the baby) don't bleed after sex no unusual discharge. I do have terrible back ache and sometimes pain in my groin but the job I do involved a lof of lifting and moving etc so think my back pain may be that as I have had these pains for years??  Sorry to waffle I'm just terrified any advice would be very gratefully accepted



Hi Kerry

CIN3 is high grade pre-cancerous cells. If left untreated they can over time (and it is meant to be a really long time) turn nasty.

I had the same result as you on my smear and had a colposcopy and LLETZ where they burn the abnormal cells off yesterday. Not a nice experience but better to be rid of them! 

I also had a borderline about 2.5 years ago which went back to normal 6 months later. I should have gone for annual smears but missed mine last year (no excuse of pregnancy etc, just a really bad oversight of mine) don't kick yourself as you are doing the right thing getting it sorted now.

Have they given you a colposcopy date yet? Waiting is just so rotten as your mind wanders and your fingers google. I know all sorts of hideous things can run through your mind but try not to let them take over. I let it really ruin my Christmas. If your date seems a long way off I have seen that a lot of ladies have rung in and managed to get cancellations. In fact I was stunned at the clinic yesterday when they had 2 no shows! 

All the best, come back and post when you can. You are not alone x x

Hello Kerry :-)

Please try not to worry yourself silly, as Suzy quite rightly says, all the CIN stages are pre-cancerous, as opposed to cancerous, and even a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. It sounds to me very much as though all your symptoms relate to being a new mum and the physical work that you do. Please try not to worry unduly.

Suzy! Don't beat yourself up over a missed smear. Pretty please?

Be lucky (y'all) ;-)


Hi ladies

thank you for your replies it's nice to get information off people who have been through the same thing or similar. 

I do have a date for the colposcopy 14/1/15 which seems like forever away but I'm sure it will fly by. I will keep you posted about the results etc. hope all goes well and stays well with you ladies 

Kerry xx

Hi Kerry

Glad you are feeling a bit reassured.

If you are struggling with waiting with the 14th it might be worth ringing in to see if they have any cancellations next week. You never know your luck! If it hadn't been the Christmas break I would have called every day! :-)

Come back and let us know how you got on x