CIN3 Terrified and Confused

Hi All,

I'm new here. I'll give a little background. I have had abnormal (ASCUS) paps since 2013 after my first pregnancy. I did a colpo in 2014 that showed CIN1. I was told it would go away, but it didn't. The paps kept coming back positive. A couple months ago, I started to get shooting pains and prolonged periods so I went in early for my pap. This one came back with LSIL. We did another colpo. This one came back with one lesion being CIN2 and the other CIN3. My doctor told me I can wait on it and do another pap in three months or go see an oncologist. I chose to see an oncologist but am waiting for the appointment. They said the oncologist will need to do another colpo in 3 months and go from there. Everything I have read suggests the CIN3 should be removed sooner rather than later. I'm worried because I read that CIN3 doesn't have symptoms. This definitely has some pain. 

Has anyone been through anything like this with a repeat colpo?

Has anyone had pain with CIN3 and not had it be cancer?

Thanks you all for any help and guidance. :)


I can't really offer any advice but wanted to let you know I am going through the exact same thing.

I went to my doctor because of very bad pains and bleeding after sex. My pap also came back LSIL and I went for colpo. My colpo biopsy came back CIN 3/ can't exclude CIS (which I believe might be a tiny bit more severe than CIN3 but still not invasive or anything). I was told they wanted to do a repeat colp and biopsy in August because they said I'm young and don't want to be too invasive just yet. I have also been set up with an oncologist but he has very long wait times. I'm worried as you are about having CIN 3 and these symptoms as everything/everyone says CIN doesn't have symptoms.

Hopefully we get this figured out soon. Keep us posted on here.

Best of luck to you!