Can Cin3 be cancer?

Hello, I am new to posting here so forgive me if I put this in the wrong spot.

I had been going to my family Dr. for problems with painful intercourse, pain in lower back, abdomen and some other symptoms that made my GP want to do a pap. After a ASCUS Pap results, I went for a colposcopy and they confirmed Cin3. I am waiting for a Leep now, and it will be another month away. I asked the specialist that did the colposcopy if the pain could mean I have cancer, and she said no it was too unlikely. I have been worried sick that the Cin3 is actually cancer causing these issues. Could that be possible? Or would cancer be seen at the colposcopy stage? I have read online that cancer is found after a Leep sometimes. Any answers are appreciated. :slight_smile:

I'm pretty sure that most of us - once we get an abnormal result - start seeing symptoms and signs in everything. I know I did! I only went for a smear because I was bleeding after sex, and before I'd seen the doctor I thought maybe we just went at it a bit enthusiastically... Or maybe it was something else completely harmless. And then I got my abnormal result and all of a sudden I was worrying about what it *might* be and I freaked out for a couple of days. And then freaked out again when I had to have a LLETZ! 

No amount of searching the internet or asking other people will be able to give you a difinitive answer, and now you think it might be something no-one can completely reassure you it isn't. It will take the lab technicians and doctors and professors a few weeks of looking under a mircoscope and doing tests to figure out exactly what it is and if they got it all. I hope your wait for results isn't too long and that they're all clear. 

Try to make peace with the situation until your results come :) I know that's so, so much easier said than done. 

Thanks for your post Flis. I think maybe I wasn't clearly asking the question properly or clouded it with too much info. As I mentioned, the symptoms were the reason I did the pap (earlier than needed), so I didn't start seeing symptoms after the abnormal result, they were always there. But the question I am wondering is not a diagnosis, but if a coloscopy is accurate and Cin 3 would be correct, or if cancer is still a possibility in a LLETZ/LOOP. 

Hi There,


the way I understand it to be is that the nurse makes a judgement at the colposcopy appointment And biopsies are taken or lletz is performed to both get rid of and test grade the abnormal Cells. 

 I am still waiting for biopsy results which is so so hard. I can't seem to think about anything else. The nurse at my colposcopy said she thinks is low grade so the biopsy will determine if I need lletz or not (dependant on grading) 

so I guess what I'm saying to you is, is that again as above nothing is definitive until its all come back from the lab and you receive the results. It's an absolute bitch I know. 


But hang in there! 


8th June - abnormal smear- moderate dysk 

24th June - colposcopy , 2 punch biopsies 

awaiting results ...