Yellow discharge one month after LLETZ


I had an LLETZ treatment 4 weeks ago (CIN 2, still waiting for the results). I feel alright in general, but I have yellow discharge without smell, a very bright yellow color. I think I have never experienced anything like that. 

After my LLTEZ I had a week of antibiotics, bleeding and periods. I thought that's it. But now I've got that yellow nightmare. 

I am not sure if I should go to GP, because it does not smell, no temperature, no bleeding.

I would appreciate your advice and experience similar to mine.

Thank you!

My lletz turned out the same way. I got  mine in November last year and I still have a yellow tinged discharge. I don't think there is anything necessarily that you need to worry about if it doesn't smell. 

I am wearing panty liners everyday, which ya know, isn't ideal, but if it's needed then I will continue to do it. I always had a lot of discharge before any of this anyway so, it could just be your vagina is a bit hyper active in cleaning itself? I couldn't say. 

Dear Southofthelake,

Thank you so much for your reply. It is important to know that you are not alone in the same situation.

I think you are right, and it is just a long healing process...

Take care!



i had the same too I think it maybe still to do with the iodine used to detect cells in colposcopy 

if there's no pain or smell I think it's the norm really I'm six week post lletz and I still get a bit of blood stained discharge and a slight nippy sensation ?? 

Good luck hope you get results soon xx

It might just be worth checking with your gp to make sure you haven't got an infection

I agree that it might be worth seeing your gp to put your mind at rest.  
The whole process is stressful and it's good to get checked out if you are worried. Take care. Xx