Not sure if I have an infection post LLETZ?

Hi everyone! 

Just after a bit of advice, I had LLETZ done 2 weeks ago, my period started 2 days after and that was normal. I haven't had any pains since then, no fever but I do have a rather horrible yellow smelling discharge since then. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, I've read up about symptoms of an infection but this is the only one I have so was wondering if its normal?



It can be so confusing knowing what's normal and what isn't, can't it?! I feel like they don't prepare you very well. They say if you bleed 'too much' or if you have 'strange smelling' discharge then go to your doctor, but it's also normal to bleed and have discharge. It's hard to know what's too much, or what's too smelly...!


Anyway, I don't know if this will help. But I had a similar thing to you about 2 weeks post-LLETZ, I had no pain and I felt fine in myself physically, no bleeding, but lots of discharge that smelt a bit funny and made me self-conscious that other people could smell it too. It's horrid! I left it a week to see if it got better/worse but it stayed the same. In the end I booked a GP appt, she had a look down there (not with a speculum or anything, which I was worried would hurt), did pulse, blood pressure etc etc. and took swabs. She said she didn't think it seemed like infection, but given it had been smelly she gave me 2 weeks antibiotics and sent the swabs off. She said the swabs would be back in a week. I was reluctant to take the antibiotics if there was no infection so I asked if I could take the prescription away but only 'cash it in' if I started to feel worse, otherwise wait on swabs. It meant I had the prescription for antibiotics at the ready in case one day I started to feel worse, esp if it was a weekend and the GP was shut. But I ended up getting better on my own and never needed them, so I assumed what I had was just normal healing. 


Sorry, I feel that was so long-winded. Obviously I can't tell you whether it is or isn't, but it just sounds like we were in a similar boat. Hope you feel better soon! It might be worth just ringing your GP for some advice, and you can always get a prescription to have there and ready should it get worse :) x


Thank you for your reply. Yeah I feel ok in general and like you I'm just paranoid people can smell what I can lol.

I'm also one of those who hates wasting people's time, especially doctors, past 2 years I've only gone for my smears so may leave it another week and see.

Joyful being female at times isn't it! 

I hope you're feeling better now? X