Lletz Discharge after 3 weeks

Hi all

Just wondering if you could let me know if any of you had similar results after lletz. I had 10mm removed (came back as Cin 1 thank goodness) 3 weeks & 2 days ago. My discharge is coming & going still. Very watery & somewhat bloody stained (almost makes it look yellow! I'm in no pain whatsoever, my partner hasn't complained of a smell (I have no sense of smell unfortunately). Also just finished a round of antibiotics for and infection although have recently realised i may not even have had one! Womens unit said blood stained discharge after 2 weeks was omly normal if you were due your period. Whereas GP said discharge could last for much longer


ANYHOO, discharge lol. What did you all experience & how long did it take to calm down for you?

thanks so much x


I'm currently 5 weeks 2 days after lletz and I no longer have anything though I did have blood and discharge for over 4 weeks. Hospital gave me a letter which says both can last between 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly you heal so it sounds very normal :) 

After I wrote my last message I seen how quickly you had your results back! Jealous as I'm still waiting 

Hi Aimee, I had my LLETZ the day after you and I'm continuing to get a yellow discharge that doesn't smell of anything. 


Lastnight I went to bed without wearing knickers or a pad for the first time, but during the day it's still a little too much to go without wearing a pad. X

I'm 2.5 weeks since having my LLETZ and sounds as though I'm experiencing pretty much the same as you. Not had any heavy bleeding whatsoever just a constant small amount of discharge that now seems to be getting less and less each day. Think I've been waiting for something more to happen but so far so good! 


I'm still waiting on results though. You heard so quickly which is fab. I know I had CIN3 from my biopsy which changed from CIN1 in the space of 12 months. Hopefully I'll hear soon 

Thanks lovely!

To be honest i made a bit of a pest of myself. I was so beside myself with anxiety that they got me in 8 days early for my Lletz & then had the results from that in 2 weeks 2 days, which does seem quick to be honest but I'm assuming they rushed it through because i was literally making myself ill with worry. Thank god results came back ok!

It makes you realise how common it is & in so many cases it's just preventative & nothing to worry about. I really hope you get your results soon! Xx

Hi Lemon

you've been on my mind actually! I saw some posts that we were in at very similar times. I'm glad you have your results back now (just seen your bio). Was it clear margins? Hope you're feeling ok


Also thank you for putting my mind at ease about the discharge. It's difficult to talk to other people about this stuff lol xx

Hi Aimee, 


Thanks so much. 


My letter didn't say re margins but I phoned the colposcopy clinic today as I was really worried and the colposcopy nurse read through my file and said margins weren't clear but on the day of my LLETZ they also gave me diathermy ablation which is a second treatment and hopefully got any left over cells. So they're discussing what to do at MDT on 16th March. Xxx