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Hi there,
Am worrying a little! Had lletz procedure 10 days ago but I haven’t bled at all. Not even at the beginning. There was blood stained discharge for the first five days. Then moved to same discharge but with brown ‘grit’ which didn’t last 2 days if that. Then now I am just having a watery yellow discharge. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this!? Am I about to get a big bleed???

Any advice / experience of this would be greatly received. So anxious about all this!

8th June 16- moderate dysk
24th June 16 - 2x punch biopsies and colposcopy
13th July 16 - biopsy results show cin1/2
9th Aug 16- lletz procedure
Awaiting results

Hi there! 

Thought I would write back to your post as I have also had LLETZ recently but am now fully healed.

it sounds like you have healed really well and everything is completely normal! I had LLETZ under GA as they had to remove a larger area and so I expected to bleed to but I think I had maybe one spot of blood? The rest was like yours, the stages of grit and yellow ish discharge. You actually shouldn't bleed that much because they cauterise the area removed and that stops the bleeding, therefore if someone was to bleed a lot then they might have a haemorrhage so no blood is a good sign!! 


Just keep in mind about not using tampons and no sexual intercourse for around 3-4 weeks as this can lead to infection in some cases. Sounds like you've healed really well though so that's good! Hopefully your results come back with good news! 

Hi Hun- thanks so much for getting back to me. 

yeh - I am being very very careful in all that I do in fear of getting an infection. Just want it all to run smoothly as does everybody hey!!

a lot of ladies on here have spoke about bleeding and I just worried that I was thinking I was in the clear but then a bleed would be on the horizon! Period soon so not looking forward to that! 

yes I am just praying for good news now - glad you have healed well - waiting for further app and treatment?? I wonder if I will have to go back - I bloody hope not! how far into the lletz healing process did you receive your results!? I'm desperately trying to make it past the two week stage without hearing anything! No news is good news right!? 

Take care


8th June 16- moderate dysk

24th June 16- 2x punch biopsies and colposcopy 

13th July 16 - biopsy states cin 1/2 

9th Aug 16 - lletz procedure

awaiting results 

Yeah doing everything to avoid an infection is the best thing to do!  

Thats so funny you say that "no news is good news" because I literally said that the day before I received my letter! It took about four-five weeks to hear back and so obviously I thought I was in the clear but no! 

I am on public health system here in NZ so it can take a while for things to move On however. 

im not too sure what my next step is, I think I have a meeting with a specialist then discussing next plan and treatment etc but I hope that your results come back clear, let me know how you get on!!