Post lletz bleeding

Hi everyone


Just over 2 weeks ago I had a colposcopy and received lletz treatment.

I am still experiencing a bloody discharge. It got a bit better about a week ago and then the bleeding got heavier again. Is it normal to be experiencing bleeding this long after treatment?

Waiting for the biopsy result is draining me and now this continued bleeding is another worry. 



I also had lletz 2 and a half weeks ago and started bleeding heavily on day 10 after lletz. Haven't stopped yet : ( Went to the docs yesterday as I was getting some pain and they have given me antibiotics. Hoping against hope that this stops the bleeding as well as dealing with any infection as, like you, I am really worrying about the bleeding. It feel completely unnatural!

I am also waiting for results and feeling anxious. How long did your doc say yours would take? I have to wait up to 6 weeks, but obviously having the wait over Christmas will delay them, so I am not getting that 'no news is good news' feeling.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

I had some on off bloody discharge for about 4 week's. I was panicking about the results as I got told up to 4 weeks but I didn't hear anything until 5 and a half weeks after I had the lletz. Xx

The doctor told me I should have results by the New Year but nothing yet. I'm going to call if I don't hear by Monday. It all happened so quickly, I had a smear test then letter from the hospital 3 weeks later with an appointment at the colposcopy clinic the next day. They did treatment there and then so to be honest I am pretty clueless about the whole thing. I was so nervous at the hospital I didn't take in much of what the doctor said. 


Hope you feel better and get results soon. 

I'm still getting bloody discharge after two and a half weeks and I've gathered thats pretty normal. I'm on antibiotics at the min because had an infection. The waiting for results is awful. We've just gotta hang in there. Hope you're all ok xx

My bleeding/ discharge after lletz lasted 5 weeks, eased off after two weeks but returned a day or so later, I did not have an infection at all and wAs told some woman are worse than others at bleeding, I did also have an iud inserted directly after lletz was performed so I guess it could have bend that causing bleeding I'm not sure.