Bleeding and cramps after LLETZ

Hi everyone, 
I've just joined and this is my first post. If anyone can offer any advice I would be so grateful! 
I had my LLETZ 12 days ago. I was very sore afterwards and had some mild bleeding, followed by watery discharge which became smelly after 5 days. I saw my GP and they said it will be an infection and gave me antibiotics. I've now finished the course but have been experiencing more heavy bleeding in the last 7 days and bad stomach cramps. It's bright red blood and the cramps are like particularly bad period pains.
I'm changing a sanitary towel every couple of hours and it comes out in small gushes which I can feel. 
I've actually been losing blood for 4 weeks now. I bled after the smear for a week (she was quite rough), then I had my period and then bleeding ever since the LLETZ treatment which was the week following that. 
I'm exhausted and hungry all the time, which is out of character. Work is so stressful at the moment, so I'm struggling to cope with that. I don't have a partner so I'm still having to do everything for myself as usual.
Plus I'm spending a fortune on sanitary towels and boiling the kettle for my hot water bottles (trying to make a little joke!)
Are the bad cramps and heavy bleeding of bright red blood normal do you think? 
Thank you for reading. X 

Hi sorry your experiencing this , it isnt pleasant havin to get lletz treatment and the anxiety and worry that goes with it never mind bleeding for so long :( i bled for a while afterwards and like yourself developed an infection but this cleared with antibiotic and the bleeding soon stopped. If your concerned id go back to your doctor just for some peace of mind im sure everythings okay . Everyones different so perhaps its just taking a little long for your cervix to heal again . Good luck x

I also had an infection after my LLETZ, which was made apparent by the gushes of blood as well as the smell.  When I got my antibiotics the doctor told me to call if I had any more gushes of blood or a lot of pain as the infection can spread beyond the cervix, this was hospital rather than GP.  Based on that I would advise you call your doctor, or the gynacology department at your hospital, and get an appointment as soon as you can, better to pester a doctor and be sure than risk a worse infection.



thank you so much for the replies.


i went back to my GP yesterday. She was excellent and got me sent to the gynaecology ward that day. At the hospital I had a scan and two more examinations. They decided that the infection hadn't resolved itself with the first lot of antibiotics and it seems to have spread into my womb and possibly bladder, which is causing the heavy bleeding. So on more antibiotics and I've taken a couple of days off work to rest. I think it's doing me the world of good.


I hope this information helps someone else in the same situation. My advice would be to go back to your GP if things don't seem / feel right.