Still bleeding 3 months after lletz

Hi all

i had the Lletz procedure 3 months ago today for CIN2. I received a letter last week saying they had got everything they needed to and no further action needed until my smear, 6 months from the date of the Lletz. 

I bled for 5 weeks continuously after the procedure which I heard was quite normal. I then had 3 weeks of nothing. However since then I have been spotting on and off continuously!! I get about 5 days off from bleeding and then it starts again and lasts about a week. 

ive had no pain whatsoever. It is more like a very dark discharge rather than blood (sorry too much info)! 

Is this normal? 


I've just seen your post so don't know if you've spoken to your GP by now? If not it might be a good idea to do so, as bleeding shouldn't go on that long, and strange that it stops and starts. 

Always best to speak to doctor about these things. All the best to you. 


Hi Katedee85

I bled for 8 weeks in total (sometimes little and sometimes a lot) and pestered the colposcopy clinic for another appointment.  It turned out there was just one patch that wasn't healing so they recauterized and gauzed the area and it seems to have done the trick.  Before I went I visited the GP who just wanted to put me on another course of antibiotics (which according to the colposcopy specialist would have slowed down healing even more) so I would suggest trying to get an emergency appointment at the colp clinic and they have another look.

Good luck and good news about your results.



Same happened to me, i bled for 15 weeks (i got so used to it i hadn't noticed the time!).  My GP is crap, so I side-stepped them and went straight to the colposcopy clinic for an emergency appointment.  They were lovely, ultrasound scanned me to be sure and several cauterizations later, its lots better.  Some people take longer to heal, but its important to get it checked.


Good luck xx

Hi all

just a quick update... Spoke to the colposcopy department who said it sounds like I've got an infection and need antibiotics. So I went to the docs and they've prescribed metronidazole and doxycycline. Fingers crossed this works!! X

They gave me those antibiotics after I started clotting 3 weeks after my colposcopy. I'm now almost at month 4 of almost continuously bleeding and have been advised 'they might have missed a spot' when they cauterized me.