Bleeding 24 days after lletz

Hi Ladies, 

 I had a lletz procedure 24 days ago, (cin3)  I had a slight discharge for a couple of weeks and it stopped completely 4 days ago.  I was sick on Saturday (vomiting) and woke up to extremely bad cramps and heavy bleeding on Sunday, Im still bleeding heavily (3-4 pads per day) has anyone else experienced this? My period is due next week and I am NEVER early so I dont think its that, I'm pretty stressed ATM and am in the middle of moving Interstate so haven't exactly been taking it easy. Should I be concerned? Or just wait and see????


You should maybe get checked out in case you have an infection? My friend had one after LLETZ but was fine after some antibiotics. 


I had LLETZ last week but so far just a bit of discharge. When I had punch biopsies I bled really heavily a few days later though.


hope it gets better soon :)

Hi Kitty,

I nearly fainted straight after my LLETZ treatment and again the day after, I bled for quite some weeks after my lletz treatment, going through couple pads a day and then it got less and less but I recall it went on for 4-5 weeks. It is a worrying time as its the unknown and everyone recovers differently but if worried I'd say there is nothing wrong in getting checked out by your GP to but your mind at rest and as Jo1982 says make sure it isn't an infection.

I hope it gets better soon and doesn't effect your move x