after lletz worries

Hey Ladies,


i am 25 and 6 weeks ago was told I have CIN 3. I have no idea why or how but I knew I needed treatment. Last Tuesday 16th I went into the GYN hospital were I had the lovely (not) experience of having a LLETZ procedure done. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, the only uncomfortable part was that the doctor was a man, and I dislike injections greatly. For ladies reading this who is facing this procedure, I promise you, from a women (me) who is terrified of this area of life, pain and needles. I swear to you deep breathe and not realising this is a good thing and positive thoughts works. I was scared I would faint, scared I would ewe myself, scared of the pain. It is NOT that bad !! It is easier then the biopsy .

I know it is only 3 days into my 4 weeks recovery but I am extrembly worried about the next 4 weeks. 

I have no bleeding, just light brown discharge, I understand this as being normal. Why I am on here is because I am now scarred of what time will bring. I am guilty of beingg an over googler and I am in fear of the infections/heavy bleeding that i could face. More concerned of the fact If it does happen, I do not know when. What if I am in work? What then?.

Is there an indication or time scale of when the bleeding will happen?

Hey hun, hope you're doing ok.

im exactly 4 weeks post lletz today. I have literally only just started bleeding and have the tiniest amount of brown discharge. I didn't bleed for a few days, just had a very watery pinky discharge, then I had a really heavy bleed for around 2 be honest it is normal to both bleed and not bleed, you may not have anything. As long as you aren't filling a pad an hour and it doesn't smell and isn't painful I would consider it to be normal. Just try and take it easy hun for a few weeks x

Sorry that meant to say I have literally only just stopped bleeding x

Hi MissTJ

I am the same, I am literally sitting here waiting for the horror to begin and unsure what to expect. I have started getting bad cramps today on day 4, and a small amount of blood in the toilet but none when I wipe.

I have packed myself a little bag that contains a spare pair of leggings and two pairs of pants, sanitary towels, wet toilet tissue, and a small hand towel. I am keeping that under my desk at work when I go back on Monday so if disaster DOES strike I am totally prepared - I am also going to be sitting on a blanket on my chair at work (I bled really heavily after my biopsy) and will make sure I go to the loo every 90mins or so to keep an eye on things and hopefully catch the bleeding as it starts.

Hope this helps, and the key thing is don't be ashamed. Even if you DID bleed through in public it is not the end of the world xxx

hi k


Your comments are sensible and have made me feel a lot better. I will undertake what you have done and have a little kit ready so i am prepared and not panic if the worst happens. My work colleagues have a small idea what i have been through and i understand that i cannot do any heavy lifting or any activity. I am lucky to just sit at a desk all day however on the weekends are the volunteer police officer i cannot do this at the moment and do not want people knowing why i cannot do this. This has to be avoided as it is very active and has gets my heart beat up. It's horrible to know how much such a small procedure can put somebody out for such a long time. 4 weeks does not sound like a lot already the day. Dragging and i am becoming frustrated i'm not experiencing any pain anymore just heavy bloating and i am a bit gassy i imagine this is normal too i suppose everyone is different.i can talk to my boyfriend ever absolutely anything and he is very supportive that sometimes its nice just to hear another female going to what you are and understanding how you feel emotionally so i thank you for your support.