Llettz treatment this thursday - looking for reassurance


I have to have the lletz procedure this Thursday morning and i'm starting to feel really worried now.

CIN2 was found at my colposcopy a couple of weeks ago.

I'm hoping someone has some positive stories about how their lletz went and how they felt afterwards? One of my friends had it last year and she said it was fine but i've read online that quite a few people are in pain afterwards/experience a lot of bleeding for several weeks?

Thank you in advance for any responses :-).

It is nerveracking waiting to have it done isn't it. I had lletz last Wednesday, it was uncomfortable during the procedure but most of that was me tensing because as soon as he said it was done i felt no pain whatsoever and was able to get dressed and leave not feeling as though I'd had anything done. I've had no bleeding but I'm having some discomfort still 6 days on- no worse than mild-moderate period type pain. The worst thing I found about it was the emotional side of it, so if you find you get a bit panicky then take someone with you for support, I didn't but wish I had just for distraction. But they will try and keep you as comfortable as possible and it is over very quickly, I was shocked how quick! Hope you get on ok xx

Thank you for your quick reply tc17! I have a friend taking me which is good, I don't know what i'm more worried about the actual procedure or feeling rubbish for days afterwards! I've got the day off work and my appointment is the morning, and the next day im able to work from home so i'll try and take it really easy for a couple of days after to give my body time to rest. I hope your recovery continues to go well and you don't get too much bleeding. xx


I've been lucky, 2 weeks post lletz and I've had minimal discharge/bleeding and what I did have has now stopped altogether.

I did have some cramping after the procedure but no worse than period pain. I had mine in the morning and had thought I would be able to go into work later on but I wasn't really prepared for the emotional impact of it all afterwards. I spent the rest of the day on the couch, exhausted and weepy, which took me by surprise since the procedure itself was relatively straightforward. 

I hope all goes well for you on Thursday.  

lex x

Hi Alex18 - yes i'm a litle worried about the emotional side of it as well as physically hurting! Mine is Thursday morning and I have the day off work and am able to work from home on Friday so hoping that will allow me to rest up a little. How long was it afterwards that you started to feel half normal again?

How are you feeling today tc17?

Do you mind me asking what CIN you were both treated for? Do the doctors expect the biopsy from the actual LLetz to come back confirming the same level of CIN as the colposcopy biopsy?


My letter only said I had an abnormal smear and I completely forgot to ask when I was at the clinic about the grading. So I can't really answer your question about what they're expecting back from the biopsy.

Sorry! X

Still getting twinges but not as bad as before so think the worst is over thankyou! My letter said severe so I think that's equivalent to cin3? But still awaiting biopsy results. They didn't comment on the cin during the lletz, just said they took a fair bit away and only the biopsy would say for 100% that its not cancer, however the way they were talking I don't think they anticipate that it will be anymore than severe (hopefullay!)

Hello The Cottage, I have found this forum really reassuring, hope you are too x

I'd never had an abnormal smear before, it was quite a shock and I was well weepy for a few days.  I banned myself from reading anything other than info on this site! I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon and had a LLETZ treatment for expected CGIN (don't know what level until the letter comes but from reading on here it is similar to CIN 2 or 3 it's just mine are the glandular cells misbehaving). 

It was really fine, easier said than done I know, but try not to worry about it. The consultant and nurses will tell you exactly what to expect and just try to relax.  I can honestly say I felt very little and certainly no pain during or since. I've never found a ceiling so fascinating before! The nurse was chatting too which I found helpful. The local anaesthetic was slightly stingy but barely. That has a bit of adrenaline in it too which they said makes you feel a bit trembly and it did but since I was expecting that it was fine, not even unpleasant just a little odd, short-lasting sensation. Then you can't feel anything anyway.  It was all very quick. I just felt relieved afterwards and hopefully that will be all that is required.

I did take a friend who drove, though I'd have been fine if I'd had to drive but I wasn't sure how I'd feel after.  I've been to work today and been fine too. Barely visible discharge on the pad. No bleeding. Ever so slight a twinge every now and then but I'm sure that's because I'm being acutely aware of anything! (I'm probably imagining it!)

The only thing I am really is tired, as I haven't slept well for a week for worrying! I'm due on at the weekend so I'm not sure how that will be.....but I guess I will be finding out!

Wearing a skirt is a good idea too as that can stay on, somehow made it feel more normal. I didn't have to put a gown on.  I just took my tights and underwear off and had the ridiculous thought that I was glad I'd shaved my legs!! Like that matters! I hope it goes well tomorrow x


Hope you get on ok today X

Thank you ladies, its really helped chatting to people who have been through it recently! 

Im féeling réally nervous now, will be glad when  this morning is over with! Will let you know later how I've got on x

Hi ladies,

just thought i'd update on yesterday - it all went ok. The worrying is a lot worse than the actual procedure isn't it! The doctor (the same one who I saw for my colposcopy) and the nurses were great, I took the advice of wearing a dress! Forgot to ask them to make sure the anaesthetic had time to properly kick in and I did feel like I was feeling a bit of what was happening, I made the doctor aware and she said I was half way through, she waited a minute and carried on then I didn't really feel the last couple of minutes. I haven't had any bleeding since yet, had a stomach ache for most of yesterday afternoon and have had very light discharge so far so just waiting for the bleeding to hit and hoping I don't get an infection! 

Now just got to wait for the results, keeping fingers crossed it will all be ok.

Hope everyone else is feeling ok today? x

One question I did have - online I've read it says no swimming, sex, tampons or baths until the cervix has healed.

But on the information I came away with yesterday it says you can bath as normal?

What advice were you given - is it best to stay away from baths for a while and just shower?!


Glad you got on ok yesterday!  I think they said to avoid a hot bath that evening but otherwise ok.  I always have a shower so wasn't an issue for me anyway.

I've not been back to the pool yet (I swim 2/3 times a week).Although I have no bleeding or discharge now I'm going to wait another week to avoid any risk of infection.

Fingers crossed for good results.


Glad you got on fine. The waiting is worse I agree! 

I was told a bath is fine just absolutely no product. I normally shower so I think I shall just do that till all is healed. They said a variety of wonderful colours may discharge...nothing much yet 3 days later.  No sex - am single so not a problem! No swimming, no tampons, no vigorous exercise. I was meant to be out-out for a friend's birthday this weekend but I'm just going to cosy up at home. I feel fine just a bit wiped out. Did anyone get told what to expect for their first period? I totally forgot to ask and it's due on any day x


Hi Ingle,

i didn't ask about the next period but on the information I was given to take away it says some women can expect their first period following the lletz to be a bit heavier. I had the colposcopy first about 3 weeks ago and my period following that was a bit heavier and I had a bad headache a couple of days before it started which I don't normally get so I'm expecting pretty much the same for my first one after this procedure, lovely lol!

Good idea to rest up over the weekend.

Its great chatting on here to ladies who have recently had it done too!


Hello ladies i just wanted to say about the first period.  I am about 10 weeks post lletz now and had a period (lots of bleeding) at around 10 days after the  procedure.    I think the scab also comes away then, it can seem quite bad pretty heavy and chunky (yuk) I also felt quite rough.  Since then I have had another 2 periods both bang on 4 weeks both about the same as in I had some discharge for 2 days but no real blood then 3 days pretty heavy and then it all tailed off.  Its not been too bad.  I didnt use any tampons for the first real one and have just started using them  again.  I hope you all heal up quickly and have good results for the future.  Jenny xxxx

Thanks both for the period info! It was the scab and how the flow would get through that I was wondering about!...Now I know!...I went to the supermarket this eve and studied the pads....felt like I was 12, they've evolved since then, didn't have a clue! I haven't bought pads in years and need to be prepared I think for what might be an epic period.  It'll feel like walking around with a plank between my legs.  But, if it means I am fixed I will skip around like that quite happily.

I'm so glad I came across this site and forum as I was upset when I got the abnormal letter and worried about the colposcopy and LLETZ. Reading the info and experiences everyone is so open to share has been a huge support x 

Wishing all swift healing and good results x



Oh Ingle this has made me laugh, I was the same shopping for towels before the procedure.  I havent had a period for about 17 years due to various contraception methods. They have evolved!! 

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and healing is continuing to go well.

I am now on day 5 after lletz and feeling ok - i have had light discharge since the day but no bleeding at all yet - I have read though that bleeding for some can start a few days later... do you think this is likely?! I'm wearing pads everyday just incase lol but really i guess pantyliners could be ok for the discharge - just dont want to be caught offguard with the bleeding!

Not looking forward to my first period next week!! xx

Apparently so! I didn't have anything for the first 8 days and then the bleeding started... it's by no means heavy though and I generally feel better... all part of the healing I guess! Xx