LLETZ Aftercare & after effects

Hi There

This is going to sound like a very strange question, but I had the LLETZ procedure 5 days ago to remove a CIN2 abnormality & have so far had no bleeding, pain, discharge or cramps whatsoever. 

I'm not complaining, but I am spending all day sort of waiting for something to happen - is this normal? Does it take a while to happen? 

I just don't know what to expect!

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Hi Kd,

I know this is a bit cliche but... everyone is different lol. I had some bad cramping on day 1 - 2 but only really started with discharge about a week after, and bleeding about a week and a half, two weeks after (I was feeling quite lucky, although a bit grumpy that I'd stocked up on pads and big pants, then boom, bad times! lol).

In terms of what to expect, if you've not had any pain yet I think you might be ok, my discharge/bleeding was only uncomfortable because of the whole pad thing (more my worrying than actual physical issues) just make sure you've got supplies of pads ready and you've got chocolate and sympathy and lots of good films/tv to watch (I just felt pretty icky when everything was happening, icky and sorry for myself lol) :) x x x 

Hi Kd

I had my LLETZ two weeks ago, and so far, so good! Apart from a bit of mild cramping during the first two days after it, I’ve had no pain at all. Last week I had a bit of discharge and (sorry, this is gross) when I went to the loo and wiped there was charcoal on the tissue, which I can only assume is from the cauterisation! This week, there’s been nothing (so far). That said, I’m managing my expectations and will try not to be too disappointed if I start bleeding!

As Becky says, everyone is different in the way they will heal. I read that some women take as little as three weeks to make a full recovery whilst others feel the effects for months afterwards. Obviously I’m hoping to be part of the former group, but I don’t know how it’s going to go. For me, as it was CIN2 I don’t think they removed too large an area - for those who have a larger area removed, I imagine it may take a bit longer to heal.

Anyway, I hope this situation continues for both of us!


I was a bit the same, was a bit achy but then absolutely nothing!

I just had a really heavy/painful period about 8 days later - which I guess was mixture of the two! I wouldnt worry - be glad its all ok!

C x 

Hi, I had a Lltez 8 days ago now. And it hurt like hell. Not sure if that is because I have had 5 surgeries down in that region!


I went back to work yesterday. Had bleeding & it got worse. I mean sat on the toilet & it was dripping out of me. So back to the hospital yesterday, to be re-cauterized. So back to square one in pain again.


I have woken this morning to find the bleeding is still really bad, think I'll end up back at the hospital again today. 


No having a great time. 



Hi, I had Lletz under GA last Wednesday. Was completely out of it on thursday & Friday being sick & having a terrible time but this was more to do with the anaesthetic than pain. 

Now on Sunday and feeling better but now starting to get period pains & discharge. It's not pleasent at all & I'm conscious of the smell (like iron). I've not been back to work & I really don't feel ready to yet either. Not sure whether to get checked by the doctor to make sure of no infection? any advice? 

Also starting to worry about the results coming back now too. I've not got a date from hospital so just waiting. 

Good to read on this site though about others experiences. 


I have just recently had a lletz procedure 5days ago I haven't had any bleeding but have only just started experiencing stomach cramps and I am getting a lot of brown discharge and this may be gross but the discharge smells quite bad not sure if this is normal as the is also black stuff coming out probably from the tissue being burnt off

I am having LLETZ treatment for CIN 2 on Wednesday and I am unsure what to expect afterwards.

I am going to the hospital by myself and am unsure about driving myself afterwards and if I will be up to work the following day?

I've tried calling the hospital but it's proving difficult to get through the the right department.

I'm not worried about the procedure itself more about the after effects.



Hi Jodie

I've just had lletz today for CIN 2. I was going to go alone but at the last minute took my husband for moral support. He didn't come in with me (too weird) but I was glad to have him there to drive me home. My legs were a bit shaky and wobbly afterwards which is apparently common after the local anaesthetic and I also felt really emotional - relief I think! The anaesthetic was sore like at the dentist but after that I just got severe period type pains. It's over pretty quickly. Good luck!

J x

Hi all,

I just had my lletz treatment yesterday. I find it strange how I've not yet experienced pain, cramps or bleeding like most people have experienced. I know everyone experiences it differently but could it be due to my Pcos (irregular periods due to cysts on my ovaries.) I have had some painful and heavy flowing periods which is unusual for me once last year in March and once this year in March. 

January _smear test_cin 3 detected

March_colposcopy and biopsies taken

April_informed I need to have the lletz treatment after biopsies showed cin 1 and smear was cin 3. 

June_lletz performed under local anaesthetic and awaiting results

New to this site at 5am but had colposcopy weds so 4 days ago. although not had much bleeding I've got painful cramping in my stomach enough to wake me up at this hour and chronic back ache ( I suffer with back pain anyway but wondered if this pricedure has irritated it?) I thought after resting for a couple of days I would be ok but it seems to be dragging on and getting worse is this normal ? Also I had severe grade abnormal cells so they did the loop procedure and biopsy but the nurse said I have swollen glands is this something else to be worried about ? I won't get my letter results for 3-6 weeks so I'm going mad with worry and I'm a single mum of 4 with no family support so this site is my only avenue to discuss all this 

I'm 8 days post lletz, I had mod to serve cramping for the first 2 days light bleeding then the discharge, I feel so unclean it's unbelievable I'm due AF in a week which I'm dreading I'm already over emotional and fatigued. The worst bit for me is the waiting for results.

Had my LLETZ on Monday (it's now Sunday).

Day 1 I had bad cramping (only had a baby 5 months ago so really felt it where I'd had labour pains in lower back) and was very tired/washed out.

Had a tiny bit of blood day 1 and 2 and orangy-yellow discharge which has gradually got more watery since. Had a bit of cramping at night but think that is partly where I'm breastfeeding and the hormones for milk production kick in more at night. 

I did an exercise class on Thursday and today and have felt a bit of mild discomfort afterwards but again it's hard to know if this is from LLETZ or post partum recovery.


Edited to add further info:

Around day 10 start having a bit of red blood like a period. This went on for about 4 days then gradually gi t less and more brown. Had all day cramping around 3-4 weeks after treatment but think I had overdone it on the exercise front.

Hi hun, 

i had lletz procedure just under 3 weeks ago now. I felt great immediately after the procedure with basically no bleeding the first week. 

However second  week my period was due (wasn’t told needed to skip or anything to heal) so I had it as normal. Period seemed normal and everything seemed okay. 

However after being back on my pill for 5 days, I noticed I was still bleeding rather heavily. At first I believed it was a longer period as I read this could be the case for your first period after the procedure. However, the heavy bleeding then got much heavier and I became very anxious and worried and called my doc immediately.


After receiving minimal after care information and doing a lot of googling and finally getting a hold of my doc, she told me i must of had an infection. (apparently this is quite common which would have been good to know!!) at this stage I had been bleeding for almost 12 days straight heavy!

she put me on antibiotics for 10 days which I am 4 days into now and bleeding seems to have calmed down a lot, now I can just wear liners. 

I am hoping this is the end of it as I was highly stressed for 3 weeks, not knowing what was going on! It seems infections are not spoken of in the after care! 

Just  wanted to share my experience with you as I also was completely fine the first week. 


I had a llettz procedure under general anestetic on Thursday 5th. I've had abdominal pain since then but today it has been more painful and has caused a lot of pain in my back. Is this normal? 

thanks in advance