hi,  had a Lletz treatment done 2 weeks ago, no pain or any real bleeding  to speak of, however, now I have a foul smelling discharge - watery, discolored, with some black specks ....  I am conscious of the smell, which i an hoping is not strong enough for my work colleagues to pick up on.  Anyone else have this???  Or should I be worried???

Hey there I'm 2 weeks post aswell. I've had rainbow coloured discgarge, a few hours of blood spotting on day 10 then pretty much just watery since with no smell at any time. 

If you feel ok I'm sure everything is fine but I know I've read one indicator of infection is strong smell. If I were you I'd go to the doctor and get checked, they'll probably just give antibiotics but regardless even if it's nothing better to put your mind at ease with a professional. 

I know how scary it all is but best of luck and hope it all works out. 

Hi im 2 weeks today since i had mine done. Discharge and abit of blood and then like brownish discharge but no smell, i would go to the doctors as they say smell is a sign of infection id definitely go to the doctors xx