Smelly discharge 3 weeks post lletz

Hi ladies,
Im freaking out is the smell bormal 3 weeks after having the procedure, im more on edge because only 2 weeks prior to the lletz i had had a punch biopsy.

A lot of background behind this that im not emotionally ready to get into and still awaiting the latest results ( totally checking my nhs app daily at this point )

Anyway the smell!! The discharge is still quite um slimy like and bleeding is as and when it bloody chooses. Is this normal or maybe a sign of infection?

I did call the doctors however when they requested a face to face ( not technically face :joy:) i cancelled because if i can smell it that poor nurse will smell it too :face_with_peeking_eye:

I believe a slight smell is normal, i had discharge 2 weeks after that had a really strange vegetable smell but I was told it was normal and stopped by itself. I think if the smell is very offensive you should get it checked out (don’t be ashamed these nurses and doctors have probably seen and smelt it all) if it is an infection better to get it sorted sooner.

Hi, similar thing for me and I was able to get checked without seeing anyone.
I call my doctor and said I was worried about infection following lletz. She left a sample tube at reception, my husband picked it up, I did the swab at home and he took back to docs. Very simple and results with 72 hours. Thankfully I had no infection but you really should check it out. Good luck the whole thing is a horrible business I know xx

I was about to post something similar. I am 10 days past mine and had light brown metallic smelling discharge - no bleeding apart from a little watery blood on day 1. I read a really long thread the other day about the bleeding people have encountered and have been waiting for it. Now the discharge seems to be stopping but no bleeding as yet??