anyone? ?

Hi ladies..had lletz done Thursday and still having pain n browny discharge with bits in which smells pretty unpleasant tbh (sorry tmi) has anyone else had this...its the smell that worrying me. .also I feel it all hit me again waiting for biopsy results Ect..feel so run down n teary :( x

As yo already know, waiting is a killer & so hard! There's not really any advice I can gice you other than to try & keep busy, think positive & hopefully you won't be waiting too long.

I haven't had the Lletz (I had a trachelectomy just over 3 weeks ago) but I myself am still bleeding (like a period) & period type pain which is eased by normal painkillers although I don't feel its bad enough to warrant taking pills. 

Might was accidentally given an advice sheet on 'treatment of the cerVix' along with my discharge notes & aftercare leaflets. It stated to expect bleeding & discharge loss for upto several weeks & some mild cramping. So I'd say the fact your still losing some blood/discharge is cometeky normal. I'm quite sure it's not supposed to have an offensive odour though so you may want to give your GP a ring for some antibiotics. 

I was discharged with a week of antibiotics, then required more antibiotics for a water infection from the catheter & then needed more antibiotocs for post op infection after I had some heavy bleeding so they took a swab whitch came back showing infection. 

Might think infections after treatment is extremely common so your GP may just prescribe without needing to see you. 

Huge hugs & rest up



Hi Marie

I had the same thing a few days after my Lletz......its the smell that gives it away! Sounds like you have an infection, I went to GP and was given a weeks course of Antibiotics and it cleared up in no time.

As for feeling low.......its awful isnt it? Especially at this time of year. Keep your chin up and keep positive. Fingers crossed for a good result :-) xx

Thank for replies ladies. ..I was feeling fine tbh..left hosp relieved. .nurse said was only small section n looked cin 2/3 now im thinkin what if she was wrong. .what if some left. .what if comes cc :( x

Awh bless you hun. It's so normal to feel as anxious as you do, trust me I feel the exact same way! I was told from my biopsy results that I had CIN1 and Koilocytosis? I don't even really know what that is to it's full extent. Like you, every so often I wonder what's going on whether it's getting worse or better because I had no treatment, they decided to use the 'wait and watch' approach which is common with CIN1 as it has the potential to go back to normal after about a year or so (usually) the thing is though hun, you've had the treatment and it's almost always 100% effective with no recurrences. I'm confident they wouldn't have missed anything so don't worry - don't let it ruin you day to day life! Just be happy an healthy hun. Have some faith in your bodies capability :) you'll be fine hun! Try not to worry. easier said than done but I am sure you will be absolutely fine! Hugs xxx

Thanks hun...u get over waiting for one thing then find yourself waiting for another...I feel ever so run down but not sure if that's just life in general. ..xmas ect oooh the things us ladies have to go through :( xx