5 days post LLETZ

Hello everyone, it’s been so reassuring Reading everyone’s experiences. My LLETZ procedure was nearly a week ago and the bleeding has subsided and I’m slowly getting my energy back. But I’m so paranoid about the smell. I’m getting the normal colour discharge and everything seems to be healing fine but I’m so self conscious about the smell. I feel like it’s constantly there whether I shower, change pads/underwear etc. is there any advice on how to manage it? I’m just worried other people can smell it! Thanks! :smiling_face:

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Hi livhen
Hope your doing okie.
When I had my lletz 5 weeks ago I didn’t notice a smell so it might be worth ringing the gp or colposcopy clinic just to double check. They should be able to either arrange a call back with a nurse/dr or if the colposcopy unit the person who answers will prob know or go check for you. I do know others on here have commented about a smell so it prob is absolutely fine but if your worried always ask xx

Thank you for your advice, I’ll definitely double check it! Just a very uncomfortable situation and the thought that someone else could smell it has made me really panic!xx

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You’re welcome, have you got anyone you’d feel comfortable asking :see_no_evil: my husband would prob tell me anyway if I did lol. I’m really sure you don’t though x