Post LLETZ Stench

Hi guys, 

Some of you may know I had my 2nd LLETZ this week. 
looking for advice on the flipping smell! I've showered 3 times today but I literally stink through pads and pants! Had this the first time and it went eventually but I don't know if I can deal again! They told me no baths for 4-6 weeks and honestly right now I just want a dettol bath because this is totally Ming! Any advice? It's not even the burning smell just a nasty smell 

Hello kjays21

You might have an infection; it would be best to contact your GP or colposcopy team and get this checked out! Hope you feel better soon.

A x

Thanks, I'm going to give it a few days I had an infection last time but was a different smell, very odd! Fingers crossed it's just me having a weird sense of smell? x

Hi kjays21,


I've had three infections now, all with very different symptoms. Please do contact your GP ASAP as a nasty infection can spread.


My gynae oncologist told me that I'm allowed baths and he took an awful lot in my last LLETZ. So, this time round I've been having baths. Just shallow, fairly quick baths.


After my first LLETZ I only had showers for 6 weeks as the surgeon told me to. I'm definitely preferring this time round with the baths.


Please don't leave it too long to seek help, you can become really poorly. Xx

Thanks Lemon, will give the GP a call Monday. Woke up with morning with quite a lot of water, not what I experienced last time for sure! I think the worst part for me is not having baths, I'm not bothered usually showers are fine but if I'm cramping then that's what helps. Ahh! Will call GP x