unpleasant smelling discharge after LLETZ


I had LLETZ treatment last Wednesday (29th) and since around Saturday/Sunday I have noticed an awful smell from the discharge. Its become so overbearing that I can smell it constantly and now feel anxious about it.

It's my first day back at work today and i'm so paranoid that other people will be able to smell me. I have had no major blood since the treatment, just alot of discharge, pretty much leaks out of me 24/7

I have an appoitment at the doctors booked tonight but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I am so fed up and its only been six days, i feel completely disgusting.

Thanks x

I had my lletz treatment today and they said and bad smell was a sign of infection but the doctors would prescribe anti-biotics to clear it up.

Hope appointment goes ok x

Hi Anna, 

I am the same,I had LLETZ treatment on Thursday (5 days ago) and no actualy bleeding as such but the last couple of days I have noticed the discharge has a horrible smell, I have become anxious about this too and have a shower twice a day and change the pad as often as I can. I know they said that a bad smell indicated infection but I have no signs of infection at all. Hope it all goes ok at the doctors. I;m sure its all completely normal and just the way we heal in the area. 

:) xx


Thank you for getting back to me ladies. I went to the doctors last night and she took a swab (I officially have no dignity left!) and gave me some metronidazole, which I have taken before for BV so hoping that they get rid of the smell at least! Lauren Jayne, I do think its normal and if you think about it we have had our flesh burnt so no wonder it doesnt smell very nice. I just keeping thinking I have another 4/5 weeks of god knows what happening to me down there and its been a week i'm already fed up! I feel so unattractive and disgusting, I'm not used to wearing pads either so they arent helping! The things us women go through!!!!!!! x

Thank you ladies for your comments. Iv been paranoid as i had the lletz procedure last Friday (5 days ago) and I am stinking!!!! Keep washing ect but doesn't go away!! Wasn't sure if it was normal or no.