Llettz aftermath.....

Hi Ladies

Just wondering if any of you can shed some light, I had my Colopscopy and Lletz procedure last monday (6 days ago). The nurse told me to expect some light bleeding and to look out for any 'foul and discoloured' discharge. I have not had any bleeding (luckily) but have had brown gritty bits (which i know is common) but my discharge is of a green/light brown colour and smells a little off. I am sorry to be disgusting and rather graphic but I just wanted to know if this is normal? For the first 4 days I did not experience much discharge but over the last two days I have.



    From what i was told green smelly discharge isn't normal, it is a sign of an infection which needs to be dealt with. I hope that you get sorted soon xx

Thank you angeltears, I will call my doctors in the morning xx

Stacey thank you for posting -  I'm in the same situation. (TMI alert) I had very little blood or spotting after my lletz on Tuesday but now keep thinking I've wet myself as have straw coloured watery discharge which smells bad. It's really getting me down - sick of changing pantyliners every hour or when I stand up! Have lost my appetite as am so grossed out. Not sure if this is an infection or the normal healing process... 

Good luck with the doctor tomorrow. Think I may be doing the same. Xx

What did the doctor say? I had my lletz on Thursday and like you have had little bleeding. I have had more of a watery pale greenish grey discharge...pale pink at times. I feel like I have wet myself as well and I am very self conscious of the smell. Should I ring my doctors in morning? have a bit of fever as well, so it may be an infection?


Hi Amethyst & Chickenpox
I have my appointment tomorrow. I am so glad you both have posted as I feel the same (like i have wet myself). The first few days i had hardly any discharge and the consistency was a bit like snot (sorry to be graphic) but the last few days it has been rather watery and there has been more (not enough to fill a liner) and it doesnt smell pleasent but i wouldnt say it was so strong other people could smell it, if that makes sense?
I have no fever, hence why i think they were not in a rush to give me an appointment, but yes if i were you i would call my Dr ASAP, especially if you have a fever. I hope you get sorted, please let me know what the outcome is.


Hi Stacey
Just thought if update. Have woken up this morning and have heavy bleeding… More of an orange colour, and bad cramping. It can’t be period as I am on combined pill and not due until next week. I rang the doctor and can’t get an appointment so they are ringing me later on. Have also pain when having a wee… Don’t know if it is all connected or not. Hate feeling like this… Need to return to work as I don’t get sick pay but at the same time I don’t think I could go in right now. How are u all feeling today?

Hi - sorry to hear things have taken a turn. Are you having to change your pad reguarly? As my nurse told me to get to a&e if the blood fills the pad and if i have to change the pad more often than every 2 hours!! I hope you hear from your Doctor very soon. This situation is a starnge one as you never know what to expect and whether what is happening is normal, all this on top of the worry of waiting for our results :-/


Hello all

It's so comforting to know I'm not alone in this. Am heartily sick of changing pads and constant worry about leakage!
I saw the doctor on Monday who examined me and took a swab. To be honest she seemed as confused as I am whether this is normal or not as I appear to be healing well.  I don't have a fever but I do have a slight cold and my glands are up - for this reason and because I was going to Wales for a week she prescribed Amoxicillin (broad spectrum anti- biotic) and gave me a prescription for a stronger anti-biotic if the swab results (due back on Fri) suggest they are called for (she is going to call me). I haven't started taking the AB's as I'm not a fan and am really unsure if I should. The odour doesn't seem as bad although nothing else has changed. 
Pain, fever, heavy bleeding, yellow/green or foul smelling discharge seem to be the clearest indicators of infection - if you are suffering from any of these I'd seek medical advice. I don't really fit any of these categories so might reluctantly have to accept it's normal - eeurgh! Or pop 2 days worth of AB's as the Dr suggests and see if I feel any better. Your votes please!

Hi I'm new to this. I'm booked in to have a LLETZ September 30th. The few friends i have confided in have told me I'll be fine but none of them have had to have it done. I have googled a bit and read it can leave you very sore and emotional is it really bad?? 

Hi ChrissiD,

welcome :)

The LLETZ is nowhere as bad as you are imagining I promise. I am a huge wimp/really squeamish and yet I found it fine - I didn't feel the injections or treatment itself and didnt bleed like I did with the colposcopy/biopsies. I did get bloated and a bit over emotional a week or so after but it was just like having bad PMT - it was manageable :) I had the day after my LLETZ off of work to be on the safe side but was fine after that and for me the symptoms were minor enough to carry on with life as normal.

Good luck with yours, Soph x



You will be surprised how many people around you will have had this procedure! I am a teacher and had my smer then colposcopy and LLETZ all in the summer holidays thinking I was alone. Told 2 friends who both had it done years ago then found out 6 women at work have had it done too!! Yes, 6!! I am the only one who has gone on to find cancer though that's why no one had spoken about it as all were in the past 2-20 years.

The procedure is no where as bad as you think. It's not comfortable but the nurses I had were lovely and one tried talking to me all the way through holding my hand and giving me a tissue discretely when she saw a tear fall. My husband was also there holding my hand. There is a bit of a smell from burning... But as soon as finished, stood up, got dressed and didn't feel anything. I didn't bleed much but did have an increasingly bad smell over the next few days. I went to Dr and straight away he said oh dear, sounds like you have an infection, have some antibiotics! It then went away within a day or two. No more bleeding or much discharge after a week.

Hope this helps. Good luck x Donna

Hi girls thanks so much for ur replies. I think the waiting around isn't doing me any good. I have time to think things through and google (not always a good thing :)) Dons I'm so sorry to hear about ur results I hope ur ok hun. 

Boop I am very similar to u I hate pain. I found the biopsy very sore and I was very emotional after. Do u recommend I take the day after off work? My procedure is late in the evening. 


Thanks so much for coming back to me I really really appreciate it I dnt feel as alone anymore. 


thanks C


I was pleased that I did because I felt a bit achy and delicate - just wanted to be in my pjs for the day! I think mine was mainly because the injections really made my legs shake and so the next day I felt like I'd run a marathon (clearly unfitted than I even thought if 10 mins of shaky legs gives me that much of a work out!!!) x

I think I'll take ur advice and take the day off! 

Thank u so much for all ur advice its means so much. Hope u r doing ok u aren't waiting too much longer on ur results.