Post lletz

I had lletz treatment three days ago after severe changes found , I have had little bleeding or cramps but have woken up quite wet with a clear discharge which hubby says he can smell (ha) has anyone else had similar how do I know if I have an infection ? 

Hiya I had my lletz treatment three days ago as well and am also getting the discharge but not too much of an odor, maybe give the clinic a ring to check? Hope you're ok xx

Thanks for your reply , I don't actually think there is much of an of odour and it's a very watery discharge , any odour is not nice though , not sure in don't have any other symptoms

I think it's a high temperature you need to keep an eye out for as a sign of infection and anything extreme like heavy bleeding and serious pain. I'm hoping this discharge will die down soon it's not pleasant xx

Hi. I had my lletz 2.5 weeks ago, and unfortunately I picked up an infection. I am sure everyone experiences different symptoms but if it helps you, my symptoms were.... aches and pains in my muscles (neck and legs mostly with a bit in my sides), I woke up in the night shaking because I felt cold, I had 2 duvets on me but my partner tells me I was boiling and practically sweating! I had really bad headaches and felt very weak on getting out of bed, I physically couldn't move much. It was almost flu like symptoms that I had. I phoned the colposcopy dept and they told me to see my GP immediately in case it was an infection, so I got myself in and got antibiotics. After 2 days I felt a lot better and it's all cleared up. So give them a call if you are even slightly concerned, or even book into your GP regardless, explain you have had lletz (this should allow you to book a same day emergency appointment instead of waiting a week!) and maybe they will test you there and then (they made me do a urine sample and confirmed I had an infection). I hope this helps xxx


In case it's helpful to anyone this is my experience so far!

I had my lletz treatment 2.5 weeks ago. Just after I had some lightly coloured odd smelling discharge but in the last 2 days i've started bleedingi think it's just a period but it's really heavy and I haven't had a period in 7 years so it's a bit of a shock! 

I wasn't told if it was CIN or just HPV just that the doc thought it best to be removed. I guess I'll get some more results from the lletz sample but no one actually said I would?

i have vestubulits so the lletz was agony for me as my vaginal walls are so sensitive but the actual burning of the cervix didn't cause any pain, cramps for 2/3 days but felt fine afterwards.

i'm trying not to think about it and just get on with life until I get some news.

best of luck to everyone And happy new year.