Worried after LLETZ - infection

Hello ladies,

I will need your help on this one... and at some points it might be toof much information, so sorry for that.

I had my lletz done on the 4th of July. No pain, no blood cloths, just clear watery discharge and a lot of it. 3 days ago my discharge started to smell very bad ... not extremely, but very strong odour. I went to the hospital yesterday and got antibiotics for 7 days. Just started to take them today and it seems like the bleeding got worst since then,  it is bright pink, mixed with watery discharge and when it comes it feels like Niagara falls for few good seconds! It's like I have tap inside and its leaking.... I dont have any fever, and I don't go through more than 2 pads a day, but I feel so excused and sick.... 

Did anyone have something similar or knows if that is normal? As there is so many mixed informations on the Internet i don't know what to do! 

Thank you 


Hi Daria,

I am in the same boat as you, had lltez on the 5th July, didnt have much pain at all, no blood, just watery discharge, then on Tuesday (6 days later) I ended up at the doctors as my discharge smelt and I was getting cramps so got antibiotics for 7 days also, I feel much better since taking them, the discharge has stopped and so has the smell, the cramps have gone, but yesterday I started bleeding (day after started the antibiotic) which I thought was strange.

I dont have the answer as to why, but just wanted you to know your not alone, hopefully it's a normal process and it will stop soon. Im sure your aware if the blood gets heavy (soaking a pad in half an hour the nurse told me) then go back to the colposcopy clinic where you had your treatment.

Let me know how you get on. All the best Daria, just keep resting xx

Hello Francesca,

Thank you for your reply.

It really looks like we are on the same boat as I started to bleed after 3rd dose of my antibiotics. I have been in a&e yesterday and saw gynecologist as I had bleeding and abdominal pain. She said my cervix looks inflamed and gave me something what should stop bleeding a little bit. 

It is just so worrying as everyone goes through this different way ... and you don't know what to expect.  

I hope you start to feel better and the bleeding goes completely.  I believe we are even the same age - 27! It's nice to meet you 


It's nice to meet you too Daria,

How are you today? Are the tablets working? Also did the gyncologist say it's normal to to be bleeding? X

Hello Francesca, 

I'm very tired since I started to take this antibiotics... I could sleep all day. I also have something like period pains and still bleeding... how are you?

Yes gynecologist said that it is normal. She said sometimes our blood just doesn't cloth enough and instead of it clothing where they performed lletz it cloths for a little while and they this cloths are falling off causing bleeding. She said unless you're using pad per hour you're fine. But it makes me think why we both started to bleed after the antibiotics.  

They have also said a little of abdominal pain is normal, as that was worrying me the most. 

Hugs xx

I'm really tired too! I thought it was because I havent done any exercise and sometimes when you don't do much it makes you more tired but it must be the antibiotics, I also think maybe the antibiotics does something to your blood and that's why maybe we starte to bleed after starting them? 

I have pains too, sometimes it's really crampy like a bad period pain and sometimes it's just mild and doesn't bother me but I know it's there.

Im glad it's all normal. I guess it's just a waiting game for us now and just need to wait until we fully recover.

Message me anytime xx

Hello Francesca, 

Yes I think the tiredness is antibiotics. I spoke to my GP today, he said if you have infection there you will bleed... and it takes 2 to 3 for antibiotics to start working. I'm on my 3rd day now. How long you've been taking it for? 

I also get this bad pains all over my bones, like bad flu... apparently that's infection too ... 

So it takes time... my GP said all is normal unless you get very bad bleeding, high fever and shivers.

It's good to have someone who goes through exactly the same thing x 

Are you worried about your biopsy results? Where are you based if I can ask? 

Sorry if I'm being too needy Haha I just don't talk to many people about this...