Normal after Lletz?

Okay sorry ladies for being a worrier but I had my lletz done last Thursday and since then just had a very watery yellowish discharge on occasion feels like Iv wet myself... Still having the odd bit of pain, especially if I reach or stretch up for something, so far zero bleeding just this discharge that has a slightly acidic smell, not majorly Noticeable not like bv or anything... Should I be worried? I'm due to come on this weekend should I run my birth control back to back? I really don't want to visit my gp Iv been poked and prodded down there so much recently! 

Ruby xx

I had this too, and spoke to the hospital who said that unless you have a temp or feel generally unwell then it’s normal. I’m 23 days post and i still have the discharge.  It can last for 4-6 weeks apaz.

As for your period, I’d say have it as normal. I’ve just come off mine and it was a little heavier than normal but apart from that all fine.

thanks sweetie_pumpkin... was yours yellowish too? it said on my leaflet that it would be bleeding or brown mines just yellow!! wish that there was more information given :( x

Mines very light pink, but everyone is different. If you're worried you should ring your clinic, they'll only be too happy to help! :)

Rang the Colp clinic the nurse is busy all day! :( going to visit my gp and see what they have to say.. fed up of this :( x

Hi Ruby,

Your discharge sounds normal to me. When I had my biopsies last year I went through all sorts of colours and consistencies with my discharge, and currently post lletz have a brown/yellow watery discharge but it's only been 2 days so will see how it changes. I'd only start to worry if you feel unwell or if it smells bad in case you have an infection but of course call you gp if you want a professional opinion. We all respond differently and the literature doesn't give a lot detail as it can vary so much from woman to woman.

Hope you feel better.

Gemma xx

When I had my biopsy I bled... But this time nothing just this yellowish water... so strange! Got a appointment at the docs at 3.45 and will talk to her about it, can't face the idea of them putting in a speculum tho :/ xx

Hi Ruby, I had yellowish watery discharge for nearly 4 weeks, there was a period of time where I noticed an odd smell & as my job is active I had pain for about 4 weeks whenever I overexerted myself, but I have healed fine - none of these things were a sign of infection in my case but were completely normal :)

Hi Ruby,

I had mine last Thursday too and have been exactly the same as you. Just yellow/brown watery discharge with a really odd metallic/meaty smell. From what I've read, this is normal and unless any pain or temperature, I think this is absolutely normal. I'm expecting to bleed from days 7-10 when the scab comes away but only again from what I've read here. Hope you got on ok at the doc and try not to worry. I have to say that emotionally, I am all over the place and unable to sleep. This waiting for the results is going to be awful! 


hiya ladies went and visted my gp, she said it was perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about she prescribed me some anti inflammatorys to hopefully bring down the swelling and discomfort as i had a pretty large chunk taken away... I think im just abit of a nervous wreck atm have literally no control over my own body!