Discharge after LLETZ?

I had my LLETZ a week ago to treat a glandular abnormality - I bled a bit on the day but since then have just had a very watery discharge (slightly yellowy), but today I have started getting a browny discharge - is this normal, I.e is it normal for the discharge to change a bit in the weeks following a LLETZ?


Hi, yes this is completely normal I had my first lletz under local and had the same and was worried..I had my second lletz a week ago under general and are just going through the same horrible discharge stages again. I think it lasted about a week for me last time but it's not pleasant is it?


Kay xx

I am experiencing the same. Had my colposcopy and lletz on 14th for severe cgi. had bleeding for a few days but now have a very watery pinky discharge - its a horrible feeling!

i am also having some pains/dull aches all around that area and lower back - have either of you experienced this?


Hi Ladies,

I'm new to this! I had my LLETZ 4 days ago and have been experiencing the same Watery discharge, from what I can gather from reading hundreds of other ladies posts on here quite normal which is reassuring in an odd way haha..


But I am also experience congratulations this dull ache in my lower region, I'm hoping this is also normal too but no one has mentioned it? I'm guessing because it's so soon after having it done it's quite normal too? Hoping you can all settle my mind that it's protocol to have this feeling? And if not should I inform someone? 


Thanks for any help :)


I had my LLetz 8 days ago and also have weird pinkish watery disharge, (it is like a great flood!). I am on a hiking holiday in two weeks (eep). I also have weird intermintant pain (manageable) and a dull ache similar to PMT. I was very frightened when I had that letter saying severe dyskaryosis a week after my biopsy,  but since the LLetz I feel more hopeful.  I realise how lucky I am. I am asuming that it has taken away the cells and trust the surgeon when she says severe does not mean cancer. I hope to have kids within year or 2 so hope the LLetz has not taken that wish in any way.  You all rock! Hugs.



It's interesting to see how everybody heals differently from the same procedure.  I had treatment one week ago and have been spotting at least a few times a day. It was light brown at first, but I'm now getting the 'pink water'.

Ditto on the random aches and odd pains, particularly in the lower back. I notice this more when I wake up/just before I go to bed... but it isn't a bother, really. So far so good. :)

Wishing you all a smooth recovery!