Is this right/normal?


Just a question I had a LLETZ treatment 3 days ago and was told of side effects to expect.

I was told to expect bleeding but instead I have not experienced any bleeding but a water like discharge with some orangey looking bits? I have to wear a sanitary towel as it saturates my underwear. 

Is this normal? ???

Any advice will be great :)

Sounds like you are healing well :) xx

Hey, I wouldn't worry. I had watery discharge that was a yellowy orangey colour (I think this might be from the solution they use) for a week after lletz. I didn't start bleeding until 8 days after which is perfectly normal. As Sammiescarlet says, sounds like you're healing well :)

Thank you for your advice ladies :)

I don't really know anyone close to me who has experienced anything like this so finding all a bit scary 



You've come to the right place then :). It is a scary time when you don't know what's normal and what to be worried about. Xxx

I can't believe how lovely everyone is! Just a few words of support from someone over the Internet really does help xx